The Rise of Genesis: The Rise of 2016

The Rise of Genesis: The Rise of 2016

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On social media and the blog the past year I`ve spent a lot of time talking about struggling with writing and making sure I put out the best book that I can. Because of that desire, it`s been over a year-and-a-half since my last book, Endure, came out. It`s been a long wait for both you and for me. My readers have been so supportive and incredible, I feel blessed for the opportunity to put out another story.

Over the past few years I`ve gone through ups and down in my personal life (who hasn’t), which derailed both my desire to write and my discipline to do so. What surprised me most about this experience is how hard it was to get back to that place. A place where every night after work I sat down and…well, got back to work, but on something I had a passion about. It was a real eye-opener to me on how difficult it can be to not just create routine, but regain it once you’ve lost it. I think it`s important to point out that I wasn’t just trying to create routine, I was trying to obtain the exact routine and work ethic I had years ago. An impossible feat. My life is a lot different now with two kids and a different job, and a small army of pets, and different commitments, etc. But thus far, over the past six months, I’ve managed to carve out a system that seems to be working, and every month I get a little more productive. So that brings us to this, what have I been working on?

The Rise of Genesis is a surprise project for me. It wasn’t what was supposed to come next. Originally I had been writing The Nova Chronicles, an Urban Fantasy series still in the works, but after my long writing break, I wasn’t ready for it. I began writing Sacred cities, which in the end, I re-wrote three times and the last draft ended at 183k words. I know. I scrapped that book multiple times and started over, I couldn’t nail down what I was trying to accomplish. Maybe I didn’t even know. The reality was that it wasn’t a story ready to be told, and halfway through the second draft of that monstrous book, I said “no more.” I put it aside in a dusty digital folder and decided to give it a break. At that point I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Did I  have only one series in me? Were all these ideas and exciting plots in my mind garbage? Maybe I’m not a real writer. These are the thoughts I battled with for a long time, and a part of me knows that the only reason I kept writing was for the few people in my life that continued to encourage me. The result of that encouragement turned into my next book, The Rise of Genesis. I didn’t outline, I didn’t think, I did only what I love to do–create. I wrote without reason. I had an idea bout a single character, and like the first draft of Exiled, I had a scene in my head and I let it go. A little magic happened then and a story was born.

One of the great things about the break in writing that I took, is it allowed me to fail. Repeatedly. The result of that failure was not just success, but the traversing of a major learning curve. My writing took a step–a big step–and started to culture. It became more refined, I became a little more experience, and I put together something that isn’t just special to me, but possibly the best book I’ve ever written. Something I learned over the past few years is that as much as I love The Protector and all the magic within that story, it’s probably the worst series I’ll ever write. Not because it’s bad, but because it was my first. Every time I sit down and write, every time I sit down and read, every time I take a course or educate myself in some way, I become a stronger writer. That isn’t to say that each book will be a better story than the last, but my writing and ability as a creator grows with each book that I write. And there is something special in that. Chase and Rayna, Vincent and Tiki, Willy and Grams…they’re all my firsts, and as far as firsts go, I think they’re a hell of a way to start. I proud that I get to call that my writing beginning. And honestly, I could go on endlessly about all the things I’ve learned the past few years, but this post is long enough as it is. Lets get to the good stuff, what is The Rise of Genesis?

Well, it’s my next book, hopefully your upcoming adventure, and it comes jam-packed with more of what you’ve come to expect from me: monsters, a supernatural world, fantasy, and of course, magic. There is adventure, a little bit of scare, a lot of action, but more than anything–heart. My heart. It’s an older teen YA Fantasy novel that takes place in our world, although a slightly different version of it.

So without further ado, I give you a blurb. You know, those few paragraphs a writer torments themselves with while they try to condense 130k word Fantasy novel into a few paragraphs that might entice you to read. Lets hope it does the trick.


The Rise of Genesis


In a world where being Supernatural means you’re in danger, Ash Lawson is front-and-center. After years of helping others escape ATOM—a government entity known for abusing Supernaturals—he’s captured, and saving himself will prove to be the most difficult task he’s undertaken.

Tryst Rivera is a Succubus and veteran at the Academy, a facility tasked with converting underage Supernaturals into cooperative ATOM soldiers. She’s endured her time mostly unscathed, but when Ash arrives and they’re lives are tethered to one another, she’s placed in immediate danger.

With escape at the forefront of his mind, Ash can’t cope with the idea of life under ATOM’s thumb. He’ll die before he converts, but his life isn’t the only one he’s responsible for, and he already has more blood on his hands than he can bear. When a chance for freedom arises, Ash needs to decide how much—and who—he’s willing to risk for a second chance.


Reading that again makes me excited! But what does it look like you ask? Well, the cover reveal is coming soon. Very soon. February 8th soon! If you want to partake, sign-ups are open and I hope you can help spread the word. This cover is wondrous, and just like the story, I can’t wait to share it with you! March 15th cannot come soon enough.

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