The Draft is Done!

The Draft is Done!

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Back to the grind today at the day job after two weeks off. It was an amazing two weeks, the first of which I spent on a family getaway. The weather was hot, beaches were beautiful, and the family vacation was a blast. The kids had a great time and so did I. It wasn’t easy coming back to reality, but such is life. After holidays, I spent the second week dedicated to my current work-in-progress. So dedicated, in fact, that it’s done. That’s right, I worked my fingers to the bone collecting over 30k words in two days and bringing the first draft of what we’ve known thus far as Blackwood to an end.

After that, I took a few days break. My wife read the rough draft, to which the response was very encouraging, and I spent time making minor plot points for future books, cover ideas, title ideas, and outlining my approach to editing. With those tools in hand, I went back to work and am almost 20% through the first round of edits. This is exciting guys and girls! It’s been a little over two years since Endure  came out, and it’s been a rough patch for me. Life hit hard and knocked me down, I wrote Sacred Cities, rewrote Sacred Cities, ripped it apart and fixed it, and finally I gave up on it. I’d had enough and it was time to work on something else. SC just wasn’t working for me. Thus began Blackwood earlier this year.

During my time writing Blackwood several things happened. First, I realized the issues plaguing SC. I now have the information needed to approach this story in the right way, fixing the mistakes with yet another rewrite. The silver lining of having to rewrite this again is that so much of the development is already done, it’s just a matter of realigning characters and plot points, and actually writing the words. I expect the re-write to be a fairly speedy one. The second thing that happened while writing Blackwood was that I hit my stride again. By that I mean I rediscovered my passion for story telling, something I’d lost in my unexpected two-year frustration. All this is to say it’s come together and we’ll definitely have a new book ready for you this year!

I’ll be reaching out to my cover artist, Parajunkee Design, later this week on the cover for the new book. The title will be revealed soon! I’ll be busting out edits over the next two to three weeks, and then it’s off to a close friend for reading and if all goes well with her read-through, this book is off to beta readers.

Exciting times have arrived here. We have a new book to actually look forward to, and Sacred Cities will not be far behind. Once I’ve finished this book and it’s ready for publication, I’ll be knee-deep in redrafting the SC story and getting you the first installment in what I think we be a fabulous Post-Apocalyptic adventure!


In the mean time, Exiled  is currently free on all eBook platforms, so if you haven’t read it yet or you know it’ll be a hit with someone you know, now is your chance!

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