Work in Progress

Want to follow where I’m at with my current work-in-progress? I’ll keep you posted with details, links to teasers, and exclusive content here! This is my mini-blog for whatever projects I happen to be working on.


12.19.13 The first book in a new series is always the hardest. There are so many tiny details to work out, and large scale plans to oversee and plot out. It’s a slower process for me, but I’m having a blast with the brainstorming process, even if it means the book doesn’t come out as quickly as I would like. The good news is that I have my editor booked, which means I have a deadline to meet!

11.30.13 Working away on the new book, and I forgot how much more work the first book in a new series is. I’m not writing as often as I’d like, but it’s coming along one way or another, and I like what’s there so far.

11.01.13 The last few months have had me spinning, but as I slowly get some normalcy returned to my life, I’m building a schedule and routine that works. I have three different projects, two of which are partially written, one that’s in a brainstorming session. One is The Nova Chronicles, and the other two are untitled, but they all are getting me so excited at different times, I’m waffling between them all and not getting anywhere. It’s time to pick a project and see it through to the end, while the others can wait for me to attack them with imaginative splendor. Let the creating begin!

07.30 Been on a blogging, social media, and writing hiatus. Life got so far past crazy there isn’t a word for it yet! I’m working my way back slowly, but I will be back in full force soon.

04.29.13 Endure is now officially off to the editor, which means as of tonight, I’m ready to dive into Book 1 of The Nova Chronicles!

04.24.13 I’m caught up on almost everything…I think. Either way, I’m getting down to writing business today on something new. Want to know what? Check it out.

04.07.13 So much is happening right now. I’ve sent Endure out to beta readers and critique partners, and now I’m starting to get some of that feedback. Revisions have started slowly and I’ll be sending it to my editor May 1st. That means you should see the book in June! While my books been away I’ve started on the first book in my new series, which I’ll be unveiling details about very soon!

03.11.13 The last few days have been intense, but the first draft of Endure was officially completed today. Revisions start tomorrow. Hoping for a May release!

03.01.13 It’s been a hard go these last two weeks. The beginning of February went great, the last part not so much. But March is off to a good start and I should be done the first draft of Endure in the next week. I’ll begin revisions immediately and we’re still on part for a spring release!

02.01.13 Past the halfway mark in Endure, and I’m really excited to see how this series is coming to a close. It’s so exciting, scary, and sad, all at once. And the two new series I’m brainstorming and plotting are coming together too! This is going to be an amazing year.

01.24.13 This week has been great. I’m nearing the halfway point for Endure’s first draft, and I’m really feeling the story. Part of me is overwhelmed at the thought of “The End,” but it’ll be good to close off this adventure and be able to jump into something new.

01.15.13 Back to work today after a few days of non-stop reading. 22 pages left in my read through of Endure. 36k written, and by the end of today, I’ll hopefully be adding to the word count. I’ve only just begun, but the story is coming together nicely.

01.09.13 After a bit of a hiatus and a great holiday, I’m back to work. Reading everything so far in Endure, cleaning it up so far, and hoping to be adding more to the word count by Friday. Excited, sad, and a little nervous to bring this all to an end.

11.21.12 Bouncing back and forth between Book 4 (title to be unveiled the second week of December), and Book 1 in a new Urban Fantasy series. They both seem to be speaking to me at the same time. Hrmmm…

11.13.12 Release formatting is complete. All I’m waiting on now is a finished paperback cover to order proofs and I’m 100% ready. Now I’m working on Book 1 in a new series, and details on that will be released later. I’ll also be writing book 4, the final installment in The Protector series, and trying to bounce back and fourth between books. We’ll see how that goes.

11.09.12 Release is officially ready to go. I’ll be formatting over the next few days and getting it set to publish. In the meantime, I’ve been working on the series outline, as well as the outline for book 1, in a new Urban Fantasy series. The first book will be published next year, and if you want more information you can just out my latest “News” blog post.

11.07.12 Round 2 edits will be back from my editor this week. Next week I’ll be revising, as well as formatting for the eBook and Paperback versions. I’ve been doing major brainstorming on a new series I’m going to start writing after Book 4 is complete (possibly sooner), and I’m very excited for some new writing, research, and upcoming ideas I have working. The cogs are turning and I love my job.

10.31.12 It’s official. Round 1 edits for Release are complete. Next is copy edits and we’re ready to release the ARCs. Working on this story has been such a great experience for me. I hope you all love it. This might be my favorite book so far.

10.15.12 I’ve been crazy busy writing guest posts for the upcoming Releaseblog tour (Dec 10 – Jan 18) and I’m really hoping to get my act together and continue working on book 4 this week!

10.02.12 Spent yesterday reading everything I had written so far in book 4. After adding about 2k words and making a few changes, I’m at the end of that section and ready to keep going. I moved forward on my outline for book 4, since I’m kind of writing it a few chapters ahead as I write. I’m not sure how long that will last. I think I need to either finish the full outline, or stop outlining. Neither sounds appealing at the moment.

09.28 Edits on Releaseare done and I’m sending it to the editor this weekend. I’ll be getting back into Book 4 this weekend, and hopefully blowing past the 20k mark!

09.26.12 Things have been crazy around here so I haven’t been getting much done. I’m finishing up edits on Releasethis week before I send it to my editor on the weekend. After that, I’ll be picking up on book 4 (title to come soon) which is currently at about 11k words, and I’ll be going full-force on that WIP until the next round of edits come back on RELEASE.

09.18.12 Just finished a whole bunch of work on the cover reveal for RELEASE, as well as the organization and details on the RELEASE blog tour. This is going to be so amazing.

09.11.12 Starting the day out just under 12k words in the final book of the Protector series. Unfortunately, writing will have to wait as I have to start another round of revisions on RELEASE!

09.07.12 8000 words in book 4 of the Protector series so far. The first draft is always the most fun. Getting ready to tear into it this weekend!

09.05.12 All my blog posts are ready to go for the week, including info on signing up for the cover reveal of Release, coming this Friday. Today I’m back to work on book 4 and putting an end to all this madness!

09.03.12 Back to work today after a great weekend. Gearing up for the website reveal and working on the second and third chapter of Book 4 in The Protector Series!

08.31.12 I just sent out the beta copies of Release and now I’m taking a few days off. I have the fourth book to write and I’ve just completed the first outline for a Protector Series Mini. This one is all about Willy. For now, I’m taking a few days off to prepare for the website launch that’s only a few days away.

08.29.12 Doing some last minute clean up on the second draft of Release before before I send it off to my beta readers. I’m very excited, and extremely nervous about this.

8.28.12 – The synopsis for Release  is complete. It was a long, headache inducing afternoon, but it’s done. The cover reveal will be coming up soon, and if you’re a book blogger who is interested in partaking, there will be a post put up soon with a form to get on board!