The Reign of Typhon

The Reign of Typhon

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As of yesterday, I completed the outline for The Reign of Typhon, the sequel to The Rise of Genesis. The story, as it stands, is well laid-out, and theoretically I shouldn’t have any “hmmm, what the hell do I do now?” moments. When I fly by the seat of my pants, sometimes the characters go in a strange direction and I get stuck trying to figure my way out. Of course, the characters are going to do what they’re going to do so an outline doesn’t necessarily prevent that, but it should reduce the struggle somewhat. Fingers crossed.

I made a promise to myself that no matter what I would complete this outline. Halfway through I nearly gave up. There was so much excitement to get started, I almost fell into my old pattern of drop the outline and run. It’s important to note, however, that I didn’t. I stuck to my guns and saw the outline through, and I’m damn glad I did.

This outline has me so jacked up to write the book. My mind is racing with ideas, and the layers I managed to incorporate during the pre-planning seem beautifully complex in their own way. Of course, there are still a few question marks that remain. I haven’t decided which direction I want to go with certain aspects of the story, but I am more excited now than ever before about a story. The struggle these characters have already faced is nothing in comparison to what is coming for them. Deranged? Perhaps. But I’m excited to experience the torment alongside them. An outline is just that, a skeleton. And although this skeleton has a great many layers for me to start with, it’s only the beginning. As each chapter is written, it expands, and I’m looking forward to peeling back those layers and filling out the body of this book. If I’m certain about anything right now, it’s that The Reign of Typhon is going to be a whirlwind adventure filled with a great cast of characters, both good and…less than good, and a story worth telling. The adventure begins Monday. See you on the other side of the page.

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