When Passion Returns

When Passion Returns

Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in News, Publishing, Writing | 6 comments

My books are in a few book stores in my province, but the local Chapters is easily where they are most popular. They’ve been kind enough to give me prime placement on a local authors shelf in the Teen section, and it’s amazing how much better a book sells with cover out on a eye-level shelf. I speak with the managers there from time to time, and occasionally I get to hear a story that really brightens my day.

Recently, while a women tried to find a book her son might actually read (he doesn’t like to do so), my book was recommended. She was on the fence. Was this something he would read, or was it another novel that would get thrown into a pile gathering dust? A second customer interrupted the discussion to explain how her son, who absolutely hated reading, found my book and tore right through it. He read Exiled and Shift in a short amount of time, forcing them to drive in from out-of-town (an hour away) and pick up the next installment. Well, this is all that customer needed to hear to pick up one of my books.

That’s the kind of stuff that changes my life. I wrote Exiled for the express purpose of entertaining readers, but more so, in hopes that I could produce a book that would show a young reader that reading can be awesome. I wanted something that could grab–and hold–their attention. To hear stories about how that is actually happening is an incredible thing, really.

If you follow me on any social media sites, or check this blog from time to time, you know I haven’t published a book in two years. You also know that I’ve been working on new books off and on, but something has been missing. The truth is, After going through a difficult spell, I lost my passion for story telling. It’s not that I didn’t like writing anymore. I did. It’s that I no longer made it a priority. I had gone back to work full-time, my kids are getting older and with that means we are getting busier. I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted to do anymore. Did I even want to publish? It’s a tough game. Sales spike and fall drastically, leaving you on the edge of seat and an eye on your bank account. Would I make it through the next month? With two little girls I had no choice. I had to make it work. I have others to take care of besides myself, and they have needs I won’t sacrifice like my own.

I’ve written one book nearly three times in the past two years. I couldn’t get it right. Not to the point I was satisfied. I have a cover and a story, but the X factor is missing from it. I abandoned that project a few months ago. I needed to give it, and myself, a break. I started a new book, and I have to tell you, I’m excited about it. I’m excited about it like I was when I first started writing Exiled. It has the magic I need, the pace I want, and the characters I love. It’s going to be out later this year. I’m over halfway done the first draft, and I’ve already been editing it intently as I go. And the book I put aside? Well, in writing this new book, I discovered what was missing from it. The element I foolishly dodged about and couldn’t put my finger on has been caught, which means there’s another book coming not long after this one. And it’s thanks to a few close friends and some readers I didn’t even know I had that this has happened. Their passion for what I’ve already written propelled me to rediscover my passion again.

To say I’m grateful for my readers is a massive understatement, which I imagine it is for most authors. We love our readers. It’s why we do what we do. But I am sorry it’s taken me this long to pull everything into place. It wasn’t a choice I consciously made, it sort of just happened. Not everybody understands that, and I get it. It’s frustrating. But a lot of you do and you’ve shown me that. Thank you to those who’ve supported me through this difficult journey. I will do my absolute best to make sure this story takes you on an adventure that was well worth the wait.