A Story is Born

A Story is Born

Posted by on Jan 6, 2015 in Rant And Ramble | 4 comments

The New Year came with some decisions to be made, and as such, I have made them. Sacred Cities is going on the back burner for a little while. After 15 months and over 200k words in drafts and rewrites, I need a break. There is something about this story that I cannot let go. I can’t just scrap it as a lost cause. The story is there, it wants to be told, and it’s wonderful. Unfortunately, at the moment there is a lot of crap on top of the wonderful, and I’m a little tired of digging through it. I’ll be taking some time to tackle the blank page with a new story that has been pulling at me for several months. A lot of the beginning outline has been done in my down time the last few months and I think I’m ready to take this day dream to the next level. Sacred Cities was very heavy and emotional for me. Not just because of the content within the story, but because of everything I had tried to deal with while writing it. That may be part of why it’s been such a cluster of crap throughout several drafts.

With the new story I’ll be working on, I’m going to bring the Fantasy, adventure, passion, and magic back to my world. I’m going to reach deep into my soul and just let it out. I want it to be exciting, fun, and something that pulls at my heart strings. I’m not setting any major goals or expectations for it. I’m just going to write. Unlike last year, I’m not setting writing goals or publication dates. I’m just going to hit the keyboard and see what happens. When I wrote The Protector series, that’s what I did. I just closed my eyes, opened up the story and wrote. I think that’s what Sacred Cities lacked, or is lacking. I took it too seriously. I didn’t let it evolve. I forced it into what I wanted it to be, and it ended up being too serious and often times dull. The scenes that were exciting, and the ones that will most likely remain once I tear it all down and rebuild it, were the ones I wrote when I just said “Fuck it!” and let the story go. That’s where I’m heading again. That’s where I need to go.

Screw the sales ranks. Disregard the sales figures. Forget the business of writing for a little while and just write. That’s the plan. That’s the only plan. Write a story I want to write because it’s the type of story I want to read. That’s what has been missing and that’s what needs to come back. I realize now that when you take things too seriously, when writing becomes a job instead of an outlet, or a cause instead of passion, it doesn’t succeed. Success, to me, is writing a story I am proud of. If even one person reads it, and if one person can find joy in it, that that is my success. I write for me, and if some people can find a place to escape in that, that’s a win.

The new book is not just a new book, it’s a new chapter in my life and my writing career. I veered off my path for a while…a long while. I wish it didn’t take me so long to get back. I wish it didn’t scare me now. I wish I didn’t make you wait so long. But it did and that time is gone. It’s never coming back. I was too busy trying to walk a path that was not my own, rather than blazing a new trail. With each new day comes new chances. Today I’ll take a chance and write a few words. From there? A whole new world could open up. Who knows, maybe a story will be born.