First Signing Jitters

First Signing Jitters

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Author, News, Writing | 9 comments

Last Saturday I had my first ever book signing. It was a terribly intimidating event. A fear of being that guy at the table that nobody comes to see replayed over and over in my head leading up to the event. I would sit there for five hours growing increasingly sweaty and gross, until eventually I was just that slobby wet dude that the store manager kicked out. In my head, it wasn’t a pretty event. In my head there was a soul-crushing amount of pressure about to crumble me. When I got there however, it wasn’t so bad.

It started out a little rocky and fairly quiet. I’m pretty sure I looked like that guy completely out of his element, but one of the girls that worked there came over and chatted me up, got me to sign her book, and made me feel a lot better about how nervous I was. I’m fairly certain she won’t be able to read anything I wrote though, my hands were sweating which made it hard to grip the pen, and then of course my hands were also shaking. On a good day, my penmanship is horrid, on a sweaty-hand-shaky-hand day, it’s…well let’s just say I should’ve brought my seven-year-old in as a replacement. She has nice writing.

As the day progressed, the store grew busier and for every person that came up to talk to me, I shed a little bit of that nervous skin. Not literally though, that’d be gross. Also, with how nervous I was there’d have been a pile of dead skin the size of me and…yeah, gross. Anyways, I started to get more comfortable as I found my rhythm, and I talked to a ton of great people. I received some book recommendations I’m excited to jump into, and I think I made a lot of connections. I even met a few actual fan’s in the fourteen – sixteen year range and two of them had a little trouble speaking to me. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was nervous. That made me feel a little better. To sit and chat with someone in my target audience and listen to them gush about my book was a humbling experience.

On a bit of different note, I realize my elevator pitch needs a little work, but I did get some people really excited for Sacred Cities, which is awesome. That book is going to kick ass, and right now the redraft is going great! I know you’re wondering so I thought I’d just tell you. So overall my first book signing was a success. I met fans, new readers, received some exciting book recommendations, and learned a lot about myself in the process. I have another one coming up this Saturday in Edmonton, so if you’re in the area and able to make it over to the Chapters Indigo South Common Store on 99th street then come on by!