The One Where I Didn’t Hate It

The One Where I Didn’t Hate It

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This week has been crazy busy. I signed up for the Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona, Florida for next February, did my taxes (first time doing a full year as an author. That was fun…), and I hammered away at the edits for Endure. I hit the 40% mark yesterday after an all day and most of the night session, and I’m feeling really, really good about this. Enough that I thought I’d write  a post about it.

When it comes to my writing, I’m usually not a huge fan. That might sound silly, but I don’t know how else to say it. I dislike reading my own books. If I was an actor, I’d probably hate watching myself on screen. After publication I don’t usually read my work again, except to get snippets from a prior book or to confirm some kind of detail for a future story, and even then I’m mostly skimming. I guess as writers, we really are our worst critics. I have a difficult time sitting down and just enjoying the story. After publication I alway find things I can change, things I dislike, or a better way to deliver a scene. In fact, my writing has advanced and evolved so much since Exiled, I think I could probably rewrite the entire book and make it  so much better. And before you ask, yes, I’ve considered doing it. But that’s not what this is about.

Being 40% into Endure edits is exciting for me. I’m loving this story more than any I’ve ever written. This is surprising to me because there was so much start and stop during the first draft, I expected the book to be choppy and the pacing to be off. It’s true that I always read what I last wrote before I continue on, so maybe that made the difference? I’m not entirely sure. I am sure that I’m  in love with this book. Of course, I’m still revising and cleaning things up as I go, but I find myself enthralled with the story in a way I never have been before at this stage. Usually these kinds of feelings are reserved for the first draft. That first draft is where I let the rules go and just write. I let myself become lost in the story, close my eyes, and write without any worries. That’s when I become entwined in the magic of writing. For this book though, it’s different. I’m on the third draft and falling in love with these characters and the story as though it’s my first time. My emotions are alive on the page and thriving inside.

All of this is to say that June cannot come fast enough. I need to have this story in your hands. I need to hear what you think and experience what you feel as you turn the pages. This is the last book in the series and right now it’s tearing me left and right. It wants to be unleashed into the world even though it’s not quite ready, but it will be soon.

May 1st Endure is going off to the editor. During that time I’m distracting myself by jumping head first into my new series. Naturally, I’m excited about the series. It’s fresh and fun and I love getting to work with some new characters. But right now nothing tops how I feel about Endure. The Protector is coming to a close and this book is how it all comes together. To be honest, I dont’ know if I could be any prouder of it than I am right now. This book is everything I wanted to be, and in some ways more. I hope that all the people who have been along for this amazing journey feel the same way. After all, this series is what it is because of you, and I am forever grateful for that.

I’m working on getting some teasers together for the new book. Hopefully those will be ready for you sometime next week. After that, I’ll be posting details about the new series I’m writing. I’ll give you the series name, and tell you a bit about the story…maybe 🙂 The first book had a title which I’ve since scrapped, so for now it remains nameless, but the people inside are not and you’ll get to learn a little about them, which I think will be fun. If you missed the announcement, the cover reveal for Endure will be out May 1st. If you want to take part in the reveal, sign up here! And if you know someone who hasn’t started the series, all the books are on sale until Endure comes out! Check the Books tab above for any and all retail links.

I’m very excited about Endure and I hope you are too. If I’m going to see this series come to a close, I’m happy I get to do it with you.

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