Tell A Story Day Part 2

Tell A Story Day Part 2

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Today I’ve been invited to take part in Tell A Story Day, where a group of authors has come together to tell a group story in small increments. Two authors will be adding to the story each day with their own creative spin, picking up where the previous author left off. Today I get to continue on with the story as the second contributing author. To read the first part, check out M Todd Gallowglas’s site. When the next part of the story get’s posted online, I’ll post the link at the bottom! And to see if everybody involved, go here.


 “How about now?” The Elf asked.

“Not yet,” the Lawyer said.

The Android stepped forward, this time with a new approach. There would be no shoving, but perhaps he could appeal to the Troll’s more reasonable side.

“That seems rather prejudicial,” the Android said. “I fail to see how his profession has any effect on whether or not he can, indeed, consume a drink within the tavern. He is clearly not working at the moment. The entire situation seems rather trivial if you ask me.”

“Well, ain’t nobody asked you!” The Troll’s eyes widened, huffs of white mist spilling from his nostrils as he snorted. “Keep ‘em fancy words to yourself. That lawyer, or solicitor, or whatever he wants to be next can’t come in. He reeks of evil only ‘em lawyers can conjure, and this here tavern is for non-evil patrons. Don’t like it? Go suck rocks.”

“Now?” The Elf asked impatiently.

The Lawyer looked up at the Troll and sighed. He smoothed out his suit and buttoned up his jacket. “Are you sure you won’t reconsider?”

The Troll leaned down, drops off saliva running of his weathered tusks. His breathing became heavy, a breeze of snot and phlegm shooting from his nose and splattering across the Lawyer’s face. “For somebody with all that edemucation, you sure are stupid.” His jabbed a stubby finger against the Lawyer’s chest.

The force sent the Lawyer stumbling back, but the quick reflexes of the Elf caught and stabilized him.

“Now?” The Elf asked, his wide eyes pleading.

The Lawyer glanced back at the Troll, then to the Elf. He shrugged and stepped out of the way, inviting the Elf forward with a single hand gesture. “I suppose there is no other way.”

The Elf’s grin was wide. He stepped forward, but he didn’t

Update: Get the next part of the story here

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