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On The Horizon

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There is a ton of stuff happening over the next month. Tomorrow is the cover reveal for Endure, which, if you haven’t noticed, I’m beyond excited about. I had to make some changes in operations this time around with cover artists, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been nervous about it. As you’ll see tomorrow, that nervousness was not necessary. Parajunkee Design, the talent behind this entire website, has put together my absolute favorite book cover in the series. I’ve had it for a while now and even still, I look at it and it just feels right. It’s the perfect cover to wrap around what has become my favorite book in the series as well. This entire journey feels surreal right now. Knowing that on June 5th I’ll have published the final book in my first series is…well, overwhelming is one word that comes to mind.

As tomorrow is May 1st, and the cover reveal, I won’t be posting my Blogger/Author alerts until May 2nd and 3rd. This month I have two pretty great people coming at you, but this month is also going to signify some change as well. Starting in June, I’m changing the process. Rather than spotlight one author and one blogger for the entire month, I’m going to do either or, and alternate them. The reason being is that I tend to make the  interviews a little longer, and often times I leave them to the last minute (no matter how many times I tell myself I won’t do that again). I’m really trying to focus on writing my new series, and since I like to invest a fair bit of time in my interviews, it makes more sense right now to have one of them each month rather than two. So to recap, this month you get a blogger and an author, but next month it will be one or the other, and we’ll mix it up from there.

This Saturday I’m off to a writing workshop with Donald Maass, and I have to tell you, I am very excited. I started reading his book, Writing 21st Century Fiction, and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve stayed away from reading book on writing, for no other reason than I’d rather be writing, but I wanted to prepare myself for his workshop, and I’m very happy that I’ve taken this on. I’m already mentally developing all kinds of advances in my upcoming series, The Nova Chronicles, that might not have been put into place without his book. It’s going to amplify my ability to tell a story, of that much I am certain.

In 36 days, Endure is officially going live on all online sales outlets. This is the book. The way it all comes together. The story funnelling down into a single climax of epic proportions. I hope that with your help, this release can be a huge success. I’d love to put The Protector series on the map by getting this book up high in the rankings on all sales channels. In addition, Exiled is still free at all available ebook outlets, and will remain so for the next month. If you know anyone you think might be interested in the series, please send them to their ereader of choice, and get them started on this incredible adventure for free!

And finally, as promised, I have officially launched my Newsletter. Outside of that link, there are two ways to sign-up:

1) Check the right side bar next to my blog and just enter your e-mail (you’ll need to confirm this via an e-mail sent do you)

2) Check out the News column on my home page. There’s a link to a sign-up form there as well.

To ease your mind, these Newsletters will only come out a few times a year, at best. They will not be regular, or in any way, spam-like. In them, I’ll include detailed information about upcoming books, sales, and/or giveaways, as well as exclusive content that nobody but my subscribers will see. There may even be a few chances to win signed copies of my books and swag throughout the year, but that’s for subscribers only!

That’s it for now. I will see you tomorrow for the unveiling of the final book in The Protector, Endure. My favorite cover, for my favorite book!

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