Endure Update

Endure Update

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about the last book in the Protector series: when is it coming, is it really the last book, etc. So I’m going to take a few minutes to give you an update on all things Protector series and a few other tidbits.

First, when is Endure coming?

Endure is running a little behind schedule. I don’t have anyone to blame for this but myself. I didn’t stay very disciplined while writing this book. I started it in November of 2012 and then took all of December and half of January off. Once I got back to work, I found it very difficult to stay focused. I’d write for part of a day and then accomplish nothing for a week. Now that the book has been written, I feel a lot of that was due to it being the final book in the series. There was stress involved, a lot of fear, major lack of confidence, and I needed to get over all that while trucking along at a slower pace. The good news is that the book is done and I’m flying high with excitement. I’m currently waiting for the last few betas to get back to me and although I won’t say much, but based on current response, I will say you can be damn excited too.

Second, is this really the final book in the series?

Yes and no. As far as I currently have planned, I won’t be continuing this exact story arc. Endure closes off the story I intended to tell, however, it’s not the end of the Protector world. I plan to write some prequels that follow your favorite characters: Willy, Tiki, and Vincent. As it stands right now, they will only be standalone novels or novellas, but there is some series potential in a few of them. All of them will take place before The Protector series and will be more than likely entitled “The Protector Beginnings.”

There has been some interest via my Facebook Fan Page about other characters like Marcus and Rayna. I had never actually considered a book from Marcus or Rayna’s POV, but now that I see some demand for it, it’s piqued my curiosity. I have had a few ideas to write two other prequels as well. One revolving around Chase and his life growing up in the Circle up until his exile, and one that goes way back and shows how it all really started: The Great War between demons and humans and the rise of the Circle of Light (the birth of the hunters). Those are just ideas right now and I’m not planning on moving forward with them with any kind of certainty.

With all that said, I’m not going to be working on any of these stories yet. I’ve been writing The Protector for four years now and I want a break. So, that brings me to number three.

What’s next for M.R. Merrick?

While Endure is out with beta readers and then later, my editor, I’ll be working on the first book in a new series. It’s still early now as I’ve only written about 4200 words in the book, but it’s refreshing to work with some new characters and a new world. Because of that, I think I might start alternating the books that I write. One for one series, and then one for something different. The process might be two and then one, but you get my drift. The need for a break sometimes is the best way to go, as I experienced while writing Endure. Details on the new series will coming along once I have more developed, but you can expect to see something in the next two months, and hopefully the first book will be ready this Fall, following closely with a sequel just before or just after Christmas.

Now, if you’re a blogger and you’re wondering about a cover reveal and/or blog tour for Endure. Info will be coming later this month via myself and Stuck In Books. I’m not sure we’ll go as wide-spread as we did last time, so if you are interested, chances are you’ll need to be read up on the series thus far. The tour for Release was massive and it took up way too much time, so things will be a little more reserved this time around. So if you’re not up-to-date on the series and you want to be, check out the Books tab above for links. Exiled is on sale now and both Shift and Release are $2.00 off their usual price.

Oh, and if you didn’t know, there’s an Interview Me post up for the month of April. If you have questions about me, my books, or anything at all, drop it in the comments section of that post and I’ll reply with an update!

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