10 Sounds and Feelings That Drive Me Insane

10 Sounds and Feelings That Drive Me Insane

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Random | 11 comments

We all have those things that bother us. For some it’s nails on a chalkboard, for others it’s when people crack their knuckles. Or maybe it’s they way a certain fabric feels against your skin. These are things that for whatever reason, drive us completely batty. Today I’m going to share with you ten sounds and feelings that make me shudder, give me goosebumps, and literally make me want to do an instant rage dance. In no particular order, here they are.

1. The sound of a fork sliding between teeth or across a plate. I know this is two in one, but a fork is a fork is a fork, and basically, the sounds they make kill me. When I’m eating, if I hear a fork slide between someone’s teeth, or even my own (it’s worse when it’s my own), it will give me an instant shudder and make me want to die. Okay, the latter might be an exaggeration, but it’s not far off.

2. The feeling of paper on my fingers/hands when my hands are dry. This probably sounds strange to most people, but it makes me want to throw things. This is primarily the reason I prefer ebooks. I dont’ want to be licking the tips of my fingers constantly, and when I have to turn the page, my finger sliding over the paper will cause me to cringe. It’s even worse if I accidentally drag my fingernail over it. I will drop the book and have a chill. Weird? Probably. But there it is.

3. My feet on the floor when they are dry. Okay, it’s probably starting to look like I have a thing against dry skin. Maybe I do. I lotion my feet constantly and I almost always where socks, except for in the summer. I can’t even stand walking in my house without socks or slippers. Unless of course my feet aren’t dry, but most of the time I won’t even take the risk. I know, you’re all thinking I’m a freak now. That’s cool. My feet are baby soft so take that!

4. Imaginary creatures crawling on me. This one is a little different. You know when you see a spider in your house, but then you lose track of it before you can dispose of it? Yeah, that. You try to sit down and enjoy yourself, but there is no escaping the pitter-patter of eight little legs running across your back. This, my friends, can ruin an entire evening. Why? Because I’ll be on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for that son of a…arachnid. And even if I find him, my imagination has already been kicked into high gear. There could be more of them…

5. Stepping on Lego. You can disagree with everything on this list, but this is one of the worst feelings of life. I don’t even know what else to say. Thinking about it makes me upset.

6. Wet Socks. Obviously, we’re seeing a recurring theme here. Dry feet, wet socks, yes, I have a thing with my feet. But you know what, they’re big and they’re important to my mobility. But really, wet socks? This is one of those feelings that doesn’t give me chills, and it doesn’t creep me out. You know what it does? It pisses me off. Take that as an overreaction if you will, but I hate it! This is the one thing that will make me do a rage dance. What’s worse is that it’s a common experience for me after an early morning Tee Time on the golf course. So throughout the summer, there are many a rage dances to be had.

7. Magpies. If these aren’t one of the most annoying birds on the planets, I don’t know what is. They flock outside my house and screech all damn morning. If I could have a pet eagle to take care of them for me, I would, but there are groups and government programs that frown upon that sort of thing, and so I must suffer. This one was made even worse last summer when I worked at my day job. I had to take over the warehouse work for a while, and since it was so hot out, I had the big bay doors open. Well, in came two magpies to ruin my day. I spent ten hours trying to get them out of there. Between squirt guns, brooms, and calling every animal control place I could find, it was to no avail. Magpies 1 – Matty 0.

8. Alarm Clocks. I’m fairly certain we can all agree on this one. The sound (even if it’s the middle of they day) makes me instantly tired. This stupid contraptions—although often necessary—ruin days across the world all the time. They should all be disposed of. And before you say anything, yes, I’ve tried using music and the radio to wake me up. It doesn’t work.

9. Sticky Hands. First, get your mind out of the gutter. Second, I know we’re revisiting the whole hands and feet thing again. I have issues, okay? But I can’t deal with this. I’m a constant hand washer (hence the occasionally dry hands), and I just don’t handle this one well. I will put up with this for the sake of crafts with my kids, but I’ll be silently cursing the glue the entire time. Maybe I’m too uptight. Perhaps I should take up Yoga.

10. Canker Sores. I was struggling to come up with another one, and since I have one of these right now that’s making me want to rip my face off, I thought it should go on the list. I’m sure if I wasn’t trying to write this post I could come up with a hundred different ones, but alas, such is not the way of my writing mind. Maybe I’ll work on a 10 Smells that Make Me Gag…I could make that happen.

Now it’s your turn. What are some feelings and/or sounds that drive you crazy? No listing smells…that is for another time.






  1. LOL….I love this post! It is definitely obvious you have a foot issue. 🙂 The number one sound that drives me up a wall and will make me literally stop what I am doing is the sound of water dripping. That sound absolutely drives me crazy. If there is water dripping anywhere in the house I can hear it, and once I hear it the sound intensifies until I find a way to make it stop! And it doesn’t matter what I am doing when I hear the first initial drip either, once I hear it I won’t be able to concentrate.

    So there you have it, now you know my sound peeve, my secret has been outed, and now you probably think I am obsessive, but I don’t care, just make the dripping stop!!!

    • Haha. While reading this, I had a movie-like vision playing in my mind of the sound echoing, growing louder and more intense, and you frantically searching all the taps. Thank you for that. 🙂

  2. Oh god Legos…worst foot pain ever. Sometimes you get lucky and you step on it with the soft arch and its not so bad, but then you get careless and step on one with your heel. If you’re not on the ground after that you’re a god.
    The fork thing is a really big one for me and it will make my mood do a complete 180 in seconds. I have family that does this constantly, because for some reason their parents never told them not to scrap their teeth on the fork and so they think that’s the only way to eat. The paper thing reminds me of the way I feel about dry hands and fleece. I hate it! The fleece snags on your hands if they are even the tiniest bit dry.
    I actually have a lot of peeves when it comes to noises and feelings, so you are certainly not alone.

    • The heel is the absolute worst. It’s what I image stepping on a knife that was magically sitting vertically would feel like, and then multiplying that by ten.

      Glad I’m not alone. I hate when dry skin gets caught on any kind of fabric. It gives me the heebie-jeebies!

  3. I hate to walk on the ground with no shoes, I hate socks so I am normally in flip flops. Always.
    People chewing with their mouths open.
    People making noises while they eat. Like… talking is fine. But grunting, idk, It’s weird.
    Styrofoam. The SOUND OF IT. gaaaahhhhh

    • Bahaha! My goodness. This made me laugh and it was exactly what I needed right now. I should’ve put the people chewing with their mouths open on here. That disgusts and bothers me in a huge way.

      The sound of styrofoam is what made me laugh. That is super annoying. It’s worse than nails on a chalkboard!

    • Right? They make me legitimately angry. I like dry feet, thank you very much!

  4. LMAO….Matty has a foot/hand fetish…issue….something….Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I’m not sure that I would have said this if I hadn’t read all your foot…um…issues but I HATE the way dry feet feel against sheets. Must fix it or I can’t sleep. Seriously! Lotion before bed happens a lot!


    • Haha, only a little! GAH! Dry feet against the sheets are horrible. Especially if they’re silky in any way. *shudders*

  5. Well Matt, I am so glad that I was able to entertain you with my sound peeve! I thought of another one of my peeves, this one is a touch thing. You probably won’t understand as you don’t have long hair and probably don’t shed on yourself, but the feeling of a loose hair anywhere on my body gives me the willies!

    I constantly itch until I find the hair, and yes I become obsessed with finding it like I did with the water dripping. If I can’t find it my mind immediately jumps to the ever frightening conclusion that it must be a bug or even worse the ever scary and always freaky spider!!! And that makes me even more frantic to find the freaking hair!

    There we have something in common, I hate spiders too! All spiders!! I have a strict see spider, kill spider policy! 😀

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