You Tell Me: What Does it Take to Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You Tell Me: What Does it Take to Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in You Tell Me | 5 comments

In general, we are creatures of habit. I think this is just a natural human trait, although don’t quote me on that. Because of this, we tend to stick to what we know. I for one, am a bit of a picky eater, and I always have been. The difference now is, as an adult, I know there are some pretty great things out there I’ve never tried, so I’m more willing to go out of my comfort zone. I try to approach things in life now as “I’ll try anything once,” within reason, of course.

When it comes to books however, I’ve realized that I very rarely step out of my comfort zone. I like vampires, demons, shifters, mythology, monsters, legends, and magic. If it has something supernatural or paranormal, there’s a good chance I’m willing to give it a shot. Step away from those items though, and I’m less inclined. However, at Christmas, my sister had bought me a few books that I thought sounded interesting, but since they had little to do with my chosen genres, I never would have bought them for myself. She bought them for me, and I devoured them. So recently, on date with my wife to the bookstore, I decided I would continue with this and step out of that little box I’d created around myself and venture into new territory.  I have to say I’m really happy that I did. I’m getting a different kind of satisfaction from reading these news stories, and it helps mix things up.

So today, my friends, I come to you bearing a question. What does it take to get you out of your comfort zone? Are the type of person that is willing to try anything? Perhaps you are more of a recommendation reader, and you don’t jump out of your comfort genres unless some trusted recommendations come your way, demanding you read a certain story. And to further the discussion, what does a new book need to do to appeal to you? Does it need to hold some basic characteristics from your favorite genres, or are you simply willing to give anything a chance for the love a good story? And lastly, is there any genre or type of story you absolutely refuse to read, and why?

As always, let’s keep things friendly and respect everyone’s opinions! Taste, after all, is as subjective thing as any.

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