Shift Turns One – SURPRISE!

Shift Turns One – SURPRISE!

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Today is a special day. One year ago today, Shift was released into the world and quickly devoured. Since then, I’ve published Release, and your support and overwhelming response has been heart-warming. I receive e-mails and messages from readers who love the worlds I’ve made and some who love to hate the characters I’ve created, but all in the best way possible. In short, it’s surreal. I’m sitting here right now, thinking back at everything I’ve been through in the past year, and it almost makes my head spin.

Now, rather than just saying it, I want to show you how thankful I am for your continued support. More and more people find out about my books each day because of you—because of readers. Readers make the book world go round, and since you’ve been rocking my bookverse, I want to give you something to be excited about.

Before we get to your surprise, I want to let you know two things. First, I’ve added a ‘Short Stories’ tab to the top of my website’s homepage. Currently there are only two stories there, both of which I’ve written as guest posts throughout the interwebs. However, there will be a few more added throughout the year, and you can count on some of them including characters from The Protector. Second, Shift, for the first time ever, is going on sale! For today, and today only, readers can pick up their copy of Shift at Amazon for less than a dollar. So tell everyone you know and let’s make today an amazing book birthday! Let’s push Shift up the Amazon rankings and make The Protector series known to the world!

As for your surprise, no more waiting, let’s just get right to it.

What you are about to read is subject to change, but in honor of Shift’s first birthday and to say thank you for your incredible support, I give you the opening to the final book in The Protector series, Endure. Now, it’s only a snippet, and not very long, but that’s because I want to avoid spoilers from this book, and if I was to give you more, that wouldn’t be a possibility. So, this will have to hold you over for a little bit longer!

Warning: if you have not read Release, do not read the excerpt below as it contains major spoilers.



Endure – Chapter 1 – Excerpt


My elements had torn me apart. The world seemed to be a shadow’s reflection; drifting around me and unseen in the night. I thought I was dead, destroyed by pain, sadness, and magic, but I wasn’t. I floated in darkness only wishing I had died. Wishing I had died with him.

I no longer felt the rain – I only heard it. It was a mallet and I was a drum; each pellet echoing and rippling across my skin. The gravel pressed against me, poking into my face, but I’d lost feeling throughout my body. I was numb.

My body twitched and then jerked, but still, darkness clung to my mind. I was an empty vessel, and the desire to win had been ejected from my body and washed away between each stone. I wasn’t the Protector, I was an assassin.

Every step I had taken to stop the end was a failure. Each choice I made, lead me inches closer to suffocating the flame inside another. One by one I had stolen their light. If I kept going, soon I’d have nobody left, and true darkness would swallow me. Then again, all my friends were fighting for their lives in another world – fighting my fight. I didn’t know if I had anyone left. In this moment, for all I knew, all their final breathes had been taken, and I was merely the wind that stole them.

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