The Protector Series Twitter Party

The Protector Series Twitter Party

Posted by on Jan 15, 2013 in Author, Matty Says, Protector Series, Publishing, Random | 5 comments

Matty Says: It’s time for us to talk.

The Release blog tour is coming to a close this Friday, and it’s been incredible. To send things out with a bang, on Saturday at 7:30 ET, Val from Stuck In Books-the incredible blog that put all of this together for me-is going to be hosting me in a Twitter chat! If you have questions about characters, The Protector series, me, what’s to come, or anything really, this will be your chance your ask! Chase and Rayna might even make an appearance. 

I’m guessing the chat will last about an hour, but there is no strict time table here. I’d love for you to come show your support, talk books, and hang out! Even if you don’t have any questions, come say hello! It’s going to be a great time.


    • Damn straight it will be! And I’d be sad if you of all people couldn’t make it. Happy to know you’ll be there.

  1. I shall say hello then 😀 And maybe ask R. why she has such an amazing name 😀

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