Mini Movie Madness

Mini Movie Madness

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In case you were not aware, I’m somewhat of a movie addict. One who hates going to the theater. I mean really, why am I going to pay $15 for 90 minutes of overpriced everything, people kicking the back of my seat, and the inability to go to the bathroom without missing anything? Really, by the time I buy two tickets, I’ve already covered the cost of purchasing the Blu-Ray, and I don’t have to worry about some giant sitting in front of my wife so she can hardly see any of the movie. That’s only the beginning of my list of issues, so long story short, I’m a stay at home and watch a movie kind of guy. Recently, I’ve been on a movie watching spree, so here’s a quick post of the some of the movies I’ve recently watched.

Ted – Okay, so I had no idea what Ted was until it was already in theaters. Since I have a PVR and almost never watch live TV, I’d never seen a preview for it or anything (I fast forward through all the commercials). But, I had it made up in my mind what it would be like, and although I avoided all reviews and such, I saw it had a high rating, so I was pretty excited.

I’m not sure if I’d built it up inside my own head as being this over-the-top—without being ridiculous–film, but I wasn’t impressed. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t horrible, but it really wasn’t what I was expecting.

First off, the voice threw me off. It was Seth McFarland doing it, but it was just Peter Griffin. I love me some Family Guy, but the voice just didn’t match what I had expected for a talking teddy bear. Writing that out seems even more petty, but I don’t care. I thought they’d try to give it some sort of distinction, but for the most part, every time he spoke, it screamed WRONG to me. I wanted it to be a voice of his own, not something so recognizable.

Second, although there were a few moments I was chuckling, I didn’t find it to be that funny. It actually had more serious threads than I had anticipated, so that threw me off too.

Now this might not be the film’s fault. It could be mine. I went out of my way to avoid reviews and/or previews, because I thought it was going to be really funny and I didn’t want anything to be spoiled. So it is possible that I just had the movie I wanted to see built up in my head, and was not prepared for what the movie actually was. If that’s the case, maybe there was no way this film could have delivered, because I’d set the bar to unrealistic heights.

All that said, I think it’s still worth a watch, but know what you’re getting into first. This is one film that I just wouldn’t watch again.

Looper – This was a pretty good film. Again, since I avoid all things spoiler related, I had no idea what the film was about until just before I watched it. Sometimes when I’m trying to decide between two or more movies, I’ll watch all the previews and go from there. After I did, I was sold. This movie looked badass. And it kind of was.

I enjoyed the whole movie, I can say that much. It was entertaining, exciting, and for the most part, everything I wanted it to be. However, there were two things that threw me off.

One, Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn’t look right. Maybe they did this so he appeared to look more like a younger Bruce Willis? I don’t know. I’ve watched him in a lot of films, and I like his acting. And, just as I expected, he did a great job. However, his nose was messed up, and I kept thinking, “This does NOT look like him.” This is a ridiculous complaint, I know, but it bothered me nonetheless.

Two, the problem with time-travel in any movie is all the issues it brings with it. There were a lot of holes in this plot. I’m not going to go into details because they’ll spoil the movie, but there were a lot. And one near the end was the biggest that really got under my skin.

Although I enjoyed the entire film, within five minutes of it being over, my mind was racing with all these things that didn’t work. Now granted, most stories have a plot-hole or two, but this was pretty major and it changed my viewing experience after I watched it.

Still, I would recommend it, but be prepared to see the plot holes and have them bother you.

Tree Of Life – I watched 30 minutes of this movie and I have no idea what it’s about. I love Brad Pitt, and I’ll watch pretty much any movie he is a part of, but I just couldn’t do this one. Maybe I’ll give it a try on another day, but I found it beyond boring, and I couldn’t even push myself to watch it all and figure out what it was about. This has happened to me before with other movies, but it is a very rare occurrence. Watch at your own risk.

Insidious I really liked most of this one. It was intense, and had a solid start. There were even a few moments I jumped, which is not normal for me. I found myself cringing, not at gore, but from the actual build-up. I liked this movie, and they used a lot of truly classic horror-elements I thought really amplified the film. The last quarter kind of ruined things for me though.

It’s not that I found the events unbelievable, or ridiculous, it just… didn’t work. I can’t even say why, but I know the intensity and scare-factor really dropped off because of it. Things that should have affected me didn’t  and I didn’t care anymore. I might have to watch it again to figure it out, but something was off. Some of the actors that I thought had good characters, kind of veered off at the end as well. The acting went downhill for a little bit with one character specifically, and I just didn’t understand why. Maybe it was a scene that had been filmed at the beginning, and they really came into their character later in the filming process?And one thing at the end was a bit cheesy, given how well I thought the film started and developed.

I did enjoy the movie, and I will probably watch it again, if for no other reason than to see if I can pick up where and why it went wrong for me. I know a lot of people hated this one and said it wasn’t scary at all, but I disagree, I thought it had some great elements and I enjoyed it.

Stake Land – I knew nothing about this movie going into it, other than what the synopsis provided. I’d never heard anyone talk about it, nor had I ever seen a preview, but it sounded like something I might like, so I gave it a shot. I’m glad I did.

This is an indie flick that was absolutely awesome. It’s a post-apocalyptic theme, and the vampires do not sparkle. In fact, they’re not really your usual type of scary vamp either. The vampires in Stake Land are more like zombies. There are different versions of them, they’re scary, and they were out-right monsters.

One thing that surprised me was that there were sections of the movie where there was no dialogue at all. I don’t even know how long they had gone without talking for, but it didn’t even bother me. I was three-quarters done the movie by the time I realized it. It takes something special to do that.

One thing I will add is that I was frustrated at how it ended, but only at first. Once I gave it some thought and really mulled it over, I understood why they went in that direction, and it actually changed my post-viewing thoughts. I highly recommend you give this one a shot. If you’ve ever seen The Road, there are a lot of similar qualities, but I much preferred this film to that. It’s on Netflix* right now, so if you subscribe to that, it won’t cost you anything but time!

The RiteI didn’t actually watch this one recently, but I saw it was also recently added to Netflix*, so I want to quickly say that if you like Horror movies, you should check this out. This is a possession film, and I know that creeps a lot of people out, but this one was different. They didn’t go all out just to get a scream or jump out of the viewer, and to be honest, I felt like they kept things all within a realistic barrier (as much as they could have anyways). This is one of my favorite horror films of recent, and as of writing this article and checking it out on Rotten Tomatoes, I see  I’m very much in the minority on that one, but still, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think if you have some time, you should check it out for yourself.

*Canadian version. I cannot confirm whether it’s on any other versions or not.


Got a movie recommendation? I’m listening.

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