Books, Updates, and the Future?

Books, Updates, and the Future?

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It’s been a while since I posted, but the holidays were busy and I had been in a terrible funk. No reading, no writing, no anything. The good news is, I’ve since broken free of it, and I’m back to work on Endure. I think I wrote maybe 12k words in December, which is horrible. So now I’m doing a read through of the first 37k words of the book, revising as necessary, and soon I’ll be back to adding to the word count. It shall be done!

I will admit this is a hard book to write. It’s difficult and sad to end it all. I know how everything ties in together, and I’ve known the ending since I wrote Exiled, but doing so in a delicate manner that brings everything to fruition the way I want it to, is no simple task. But it is one I will accept and overcome! Today I want to take the opportunity to tell you a little of what you can expect from Endure, and what’s next.

As you already know, Chase is the main character, with Rayna being a very prominent secondary. But what about the rest? As you’ve already noticed, a different secondary character has been brought to the forefront with each book, and in Endure, it’s going to be Tiki’s turn. For those of you wondering, yes, there will be a lot more Rayna in this book as well, but also more Tiki than you’re accustom to.

Tiki is a character I’ve always loved to write. He’s awkward, funny, fierce, and loyal. In Endure, you might be getting an opportunity to see where he comes from. I’m not saying you will, but I’m not saying you won’t either. You’ll have to wait and see! But there will be some Tiki-time…that sounds weird. Anyways…

I have been getting some questions about what’s next after The Protector comes to a close. There are several projects you can expect in the next two years, and more after that, of course. This spring, Endure is going to be published (assuming I get my writing mojo in gear), and after that I’m off to start new adventures, kind of.

I’m planning to write two, possibly three, standalone novels, that branch out from The Protector series. These novels will have nothing to do with the main ARC of The Protector series, but rather, they’ll take place before the series ever started. Each of the three stories will follow a different secondary character from the series. It’ll be your chance to see how these characters came to be who they are, and how fate might have landed them in Chase’s trajectory. For some of the characters, you’ve seen a little bit of their background and/or history, but these standalone novels will give you the full-fledged experience of some of your favorites.

Before I publish anything standalone however, there will be the start of something new. I have two new series that I’ve been brainstorming for the past year, and I’ve gone ahead and written the first five chapters of one of those. That’s the one I’ll be pursing first. I haven’t determined if I will keep writing in the Young Adult section, or if I’ll take a more adult oriented approach with this story, but I won’t be sure of either until I write more of the story. Which is currently on hold for Endure! 

The new series I’m working on is going to have the same action-packed style you’ve seen from my already. I don’t want to give out any teasers yet, as I’m still in the planning stages of the the main ARC, but I can tell there will be new monsters, a unique approach to some you’ve seen from me in the past, and a new magic scale. The two main characters are already starting to develop, and I have a special love for each of them in a different way. I have a few secondary characters designed, but they have yet to make their appearance in the story, but based on some outlining ideas, I’m positive you will love them…or love to hate them. And also, there may be a vaguely Sci-Fi edge to the story, or the history of the story…one thing is for sure, I can promise you that there is a very, very rich history to it all. In short, I’m extremely excited to prepare something new for you.

Also, I’ll be making an appearance in Las Vegas in August (I know, I will probably melt), and if you want to meet, have anything signed, or perhaps have dinner and a chat, there will all sorts of opportunities there, including some dine-around dinner talks happening! There will probably be close to 40 authors attending, so if you’re interested, check out the website! There will be a lot of opportunities to pick your favorite authors brains, and a lot of it will be done in small groups, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It will be my first event, so I really hope some of you will come out and see me.

And if you didn’t see my Tweets or Facebook posts about it, Release is FINALLY on Nook! The cover isn’t there yet…but it’ll get there…one day…right?

I think that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday, and that the New Year is off to a great start for you as well. I’ll be back soon with an Endure teaser to drive you crazy!

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