RELEASE Has Arrived

RELEASE Has Arrived

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So, Release actually went live early last night. Apparently Amazon was as excited to get it out there as I was. But today is officially Release day, and the first day of the Stuck In Books Release Tour.

If you’re a Kobo reader, it will be live on their site VERY soon. As soon as it is, I’ll update the Release Book Page. And if you own a Nook, I’m sorry to say Barnes and Noble probably won’t have it for a few weeks, but if you want it now, you can download your copy at Smashwords. Paperbacks are available through me, signed, as well as Createspace, and on Amazon.

I’ll be honest, I’m both extremely nervous and excited about this book. It’s heavy, and by that, I mean it’s emotional. The series really takes on a new meaning in this book, and there’s so much of me splattered across the pages, it’s almost sad for me to put it out into the world. Almost. With the emotional turmoil I have about this book, you’d think it was the last in the series. But alas, there will be one more!

Now, I’d like to take a quick moment and thank a few people.

My family, of course, for being so amazing to me. Support like even I can’t believe some days. My wife and kids are just…unbelievable. Love is not a powerful enough word.

Valerie at Stuck in Books for working her ass off putting together both a massive Promotional Tour for Exiled and Shift, and an equally incredible tour for Release. She’s been a pillar of support through this part of my journey, and I’m very thankful and lucky to have her.

And last, but definitely not least, Amanda Shofner. She’s one of my editors, and I can’t stress enough just how amazing she is at what she does. If you’re an author or a blogger, you should really check her out. She is wonderful. That being said and all business aside, she’s been an absolutely amazing friend. And also, she sometimes sends me pictures of baby animals, which naturally makes me tear up with happiness. *ahem*

Okay, I know you all can’t know how much you really mean to me, but let me tell you, it’s a lot. Like, bigger than Canada a lot. Thank you for being there for me, in business and in friendship.

To all the bloggers who have helped me, been a part of the tours for any of my books, or simply written an honest review for my books. I’m thankful for all your kindness and taking a chance on an unknown author.

To all my readers, you are incredible. Your comments, tweets, messages, and e-mails blow me away every time I receive one. They motivate me to write  better stories, just for you. Some of you love The Protector series so much, you go as far as pushing my book on other people. That kind of harassment is always recommended by me. So know that I approve! 🙂

Lastly, for all of you wonderful people, you should know that there are some INCREDIBLE prize packs available in the Stuck in Books Release tour. So make sure to enter, and don’t miss a day to tweet the contest because each entry gets you closer to some pretty wicked stuff. Don’t believe me? Go check it out for yourself!

And of course, if you read the story, I’d love it if you could ‘Like’ the Release Amazon page, and leave a review. Reviews are always, always appreciated!

Happy reading, and happy Release day!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you! The title for Book 4, the final installment in The Protector series, is ENDURE!

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