What Comes After “The End?”

What Comes After “The End?”

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As most of you know, The Protector series will eventually be coming to an end. In the spring of 2013, I’ll be publishing the fourth and final installment in the series, which will both be a sad and exciting time. I do have a few smaller ventures that I’ll be pursuing that are also related to the series, but they will in no way be a part of the main story ARC. These smaller adventures will revolve around some of the smaller, but very much-loved, side characters from the series. But that’s news for another day. Today I want to give you an update on Book 4 and what’s next for me.

I’ve been brainstorming two new series since earlier this summer, and I’ve recently made a decision on which one I will pursue first. I’ve been doing a lot of mental development with this chosen series over the last few weeks, and as of today, I’ll begin the basic series outline. I already have all the main characters names and rough descriptions that need more detailed recording, and I have the general story ARC that needs to be fleshed out further in outline form. I already have the series name and the titles for the first three books, but I’ll be waiting to release all of that until later. I’m not sure exactly how many books will be in the series as of yet, but at the moment, a rough estimate puts me at 4.

This adventure will be an Urban Fantasy, and at this moment, it’s planned to be a Young Adult novel, but it’s possible this could change to New Adult. I’m going to see which direction the story wants to go in. This new series, I’m hoping, will have the first book ready for publication in Fall of 2013. Before that, of course, I need to give you the last book in The Protector series. I’ve held out on releasing the title of this book in fear that it might change, which was often the case for Book 3, Release. But I promise to unveil it, along with titles and information about the new series, at the latest, in January 2013.

As for the last book in The Protector series, I’ve already started it and I’m currently about 10% complete with the rough draft. I’ve put this story on hold temporarily while I gear up for Release, but after November 15th, I’ll be pushing hard to have my first draft of Book 4 done by the end of the year.

After book 4 is sent off to the beta readers and editors, then I will be investing myself in this new book/series while I wait, which I have to tell you, I am beyond excited for. It’s something different, but of course you expect me to bring the magic. And to close all this off,  I want to give you a taste of things you can expect from it:

New Monsters: You know how much I love my monsters. I love shifting the lore of the creatures you think you know, and poking fun at some of their clichés. But I also have a passion for creating things that are completely new and developing mythology that is all my own. You’re going to see a lot of new creatures in the new series, and some very unique features that revolve around the main character. You’re also going to see me put a very cool spin on some creatures you’re familiar with.

Characters and Action: There are going to be some very strong personalities in this book, and some extremely colorful characters. Which is probably something that doesn’t surprise you. And major development of these characters, and the story, will be done alongside some ass-kicking action and a fast pace.

Magic: Of course it’ll be there. But the magic system is going to be totally different in this series. I’m not going to lie, I did consider working on a new series that also used elemental magic, because I really, really, REALLY, love it. I had plans to put an entirely different spin on the elemental magical system, but for this book, it just doesn’t work. Although there may be hints of it, the general system is going to be completely different.

The World: As was the case with The Protector, which takes place in the fictional place of Stonewall, New York, this story will also be a fictional location. I like to create my own paths, and build everything up around you, so I won’t be using a real location for these novels either.

I know that’s all pretty vague and some of it is what you’ve come to expect from my books, but this time around I’ll be giving you all the things you’ve come to love, as well as somethings that are new and you might not have expected from me. This is just a sample to get your imagination going. But you should know it’s going to be epic.

Later this year, or early January, I’ll have a more precise release date for Book 4 as well as it’s synopsis and hopefully a cover. I’ll also unveil the title for the new series and at least the title of the first book in the series, and I may even tell you the main characters name. If you’re lucky. Even though you don’t know anything about the new books coming your way, you can be excited. I don’t mind.

And as for current news, you should know Release is going to rock your freaking pants off. Possibly your socks too. The ARCs will be going out to reviewers on November 15th, and if you weren’t aware, the publication date is December 10th 2012 for eBook, and later that month, for paperback. If you want a chance to win an early eBook copy of Release, two things need to happenFirst, Shift’s Kindle page needs to get 100 likes. Exiled is already there thanks to amazing people (if you want to go and “like” the paperback pages for Exiled and Shift too, I will love you forever). And second, my Amazon Author Page needs to get 100 likes. If we can make all that happen anytime before December 10th, I will host a giveaway that puts a copy of Release into you hands sooner than the rest of the world. Sound like something worth playing for? Good! Lets get started.

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