Exiled (The Protector Book 1) is Free? Yes.

Exiled (The Protector Book 1) is Free? Yes.

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I said I’d never do it again. I wouldn’t put any of my books up for free. For years I’ve been working on this, pushing myself so hard to put this story together. I’ve spent sleepless nights writing, most of the time while working a full-time job. I’ve invested myself into this story, and I feel like it has worth. Maybe that’s just me. Maybe I’m crazy and it’s not really worth anything, but I refuse to believe that. I have faith in my writing, my characters, and this story. The Protector means something. Not just to me, but to others. But it needs to mean something to more people.

Here I am trying to make a living with my books now, and I don’t want to give them away for free, but I did. Part of me did it to celebrate. On November 12th, Exiled will be release from the virtual grasp that is Amazon. That’s right; it will no longer be an exclusive Kindle read. Shift has been out of the Amazon exclusive deal for a week or so now, but it takes time to get uploaded to all the other sites through Smashwords. This isn’t necessarily for forever, but I want to test the waters on other sites and see how the series does. The other part of me did it to hopefully gain a new spread of readers. I want to expose Exiled to the world. The Protector has something to offer, and I want as many people to find it as possible, while simultaneously putting gas in my car and food in my cupboards. So I took a chance and did it.

Exiled, for the next 48 hours, is free. And this is more than likely the last time it will ever be free again, so if you don’t have it, and you want it, now is your chance. Release is coming December 10th, and it’s the best book I’ve ever written. It’s the most powerful, the most emotional, and my soul is literally splattered on the page. You won’t want to miss it, but without Exiled and Shift, Release means nothing. And it needs to mean something.

So go. Go forth, my demonlings, and download. Download and read. Read and review. Review and like the pages. Release is coming, and The Protector series needs to become a part of your life. Make it so.

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