You Tell Me: Point Of View

You Tell Me: Point Of View

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Publishing, Writing, You Tell Me | 10 comments

Today we’re talking about books that are written from alternate Point of Views (POV). Are we for them, or against them?

Any approach to telling a story can be the right approach, but it has to be delivered in the correct manner. Sometimes an author will change POV with each chapter. Sometimes there are more than two POV’s involved in each book. And sometimes one book is told from one point of view and then the next is told from another. These are all options that work, but sometimes an author takes the wrong approach for that specific story, and it doesn’t quite pan out the way we envisioned it.

As a writer and reader, there are some very cool novelties in this. Changing the POV gives us a chance to dive into a different character’s head. Sometimes this gives us special insights and understandings, other times it changes our opinions of the character completely. And occasionally it gives the story an entirely different depth and meaning.

Now I think we can all agree that if it’s done properly, this approach can be appealing. But what I’m curious about today is what you think about it.

You Tell Me:

When you find out a book you wanted to read has alternate perspectives, does it change how you feel? Do you prefer reading a book, or a series, all told from a single POV, or are you happy to dive into a new adventure either way? And if done in multiple POV’s, is there a certain approach you prefer? (ie. No more than two POV, POV alternates with each chapters, etc.)

Of course, if your questions or comments go outside these questions, I still want to hear from you! I want to talk about any and all things Point-of-view-related today, so share your thoughts.

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