You Tell Me: What’s In A Love Triangle

You Tell Me: What’s In A Love Triangle

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Today’s the first day I’ll be doing a You Tell Me post and I’m damn excited. Most of these posts are going to be very short on my end, because what I’m looking for is what draws readers in and I want us all to talk about it. With that said, let’s get down to business.

Love triangles have gotten extremely popular in the last few years and I have always had trouble understanding why. I know there’s the back and forth of who the main character might end up with, and that can be exciting, but in most of the stories I’ve read there was very little doubt in my mind. Often times it was obvious from the get-go and as the story progressed, my outlook didn’t change. For those stories, the love triangle appears as fabricated tension; just another character thrown in the mix to add to the plot, or sometimes to support it. Sometimes however, a love triangle is done really well and it takes the story to a whole new level. So for today’s discussion, lets talk about it.


You Tell Me:

What is it about a love triangle that draws you in?

If you don’t like them, what is it about them that turns you away.

Do you feel sometimes that  love triangles are used to cover up a struggling plot?

In your opinion, what makes a love triangle work?

Do you seek out books specifically with a love triangle?

What to you, is the best example of a well executed love triangle?


Feel free to answer any, or all of the questions above. If there’s something about love triangles you want to discuss that isn’t listed in the questions, throw it out there in the comments and lets dissect it!

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