Launch Day For My Official Website

Launch Day For My Official Website

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Welcome to the new website! As you can see, it’s pretty much the sexiest thing ever. But before I get into it, I have to thank Parajunkee for putting this all together. This entire site was assembled with her talents and from just a few of my ideas, she designed a site that blew me away. She truly did an amazing job. So to her, I say thank you very much for all your hard work!

This isn’t just a new website though; this is a new blog too! Yes, we’ve imported all the past posts from the old blog, but things are going to be working a lot differently now.

On the main page, you’ll see three highlighted pages: one is W.I.P., where you’ll find brief updates on whatever project I’m currently working on. Next to that is the Author/Blogger Alert, but we’ll get to that in a minute, and lastly you’ve got the News page. That’s where I’ll highlight important things going on that I don’t want to spend an entire blog post on, or things I think you might want to see. That doesn’t just include news about me or my books, but anything that’s currently fascinating me! The News Page will have a similar format as the WIP page. It’ll be constantly updated, only showing the most recent posting, but all the old links will remain, you’ll just need to open the page to see them.

As for the actual blog portion of the website, what’s different? I’ll be regularly posting a few times per week. I’m not going to specify what days because I’m certain they’ll change week by week, but I’ll be trying to keep up with at least 3 posts per week. A few of the topics you can expect are:


Much like this post and this post, this is where I tell you a ridiculous tale from my real life. When my life is boring, something completely fabricated will be put in place, and sometimes the line between the two will cross. I’ll leave you to decide which is real and which is truth!


Is going to be a sporadic feature where I offer my thoughts on something. It will mostly be about the book and publishing world, but I expect that this will travel into other territories sooner than later…maybe it already has.


Will be an interactive feature where I post my thoughts on a topic and ask you to post yours. These will be posts not put up to spark controversy or argument, but items put on the table for everyone to constructively discuss. I expect a lot of great conversation happening here. Polite conversation only, of course.



Which pretty much explains itself. Anything that doesn’t fit in the above topics will more than likely end up here. Since I like to talk and I tend to ramble, you’ll be seeing a lot of this.


News – There will be a new icon for this as well, and this one will be a little different than the News page on the Home Screen. This will be used when I need a little more than two or three sentences to tell you something, or if there is news about my books that want to make sure you don’t miss!

There may be a few other topics introduced as well. I’m still working on those, but you can surely expect more to come!

To close this introduction to the new site off, I want to circle back to the Author/Blogger Alert. This is going to be a monthly feature in which I feature one book blogger and one author who I feel contributes something great to the book world, or maybe I just like their books, or their covers, or maybe I think they’re hilarious. Regardless, this will be a month long feature highlighted on the main page of two people I think you really should check out.

And to launch this incredible website and awesome new feature, I have our Author and Blogger ready for the month.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll have the pleasure of meeting Andrea Thompson of The Bookish Babe and on Wednesday, I will be welcoming my bad ass fellow Canadian, Karina Halle. She’s the  author of the Experiment of Terror series, which follows two amateur ghost hunters Perry Palomino & Dex Foray. They’re anything but normal, and to make sure you know it I’ll be hosting a big giveaway with Karina’s spotlight – so don’t miss it!

So now you know why my blog has sat stagnant lately, and what I’ve been so excited about. Check it out and let me know what you think!

So without further jibber jabber from me, welcome to the new site of Fantasy Author M.R. Merrick – Where Imagination Begins

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