Author Alert – Karina Halle

Author Alert – Karina Halle

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Karina Halle is a fellow Canadian and author of Experiment in Terror, a Paranormal, not your Scooby Doo-ish, book series that follows two amateur ghost-hunters Perry Palomino and Dex Foray who are far from normal.

Readers are loving this series, praising it as “Dark and imaginable” and “Addicting.”  EIT is a thrilling, sexy new take on concepts like Supernatural and The X-Files. This is a story I don’t want you to miss.

I wanted Karina to start us off on our monthly Author Alert because the two of us are similar in far too many ways. And I’m not just talking geographic location either. Our minds often wander to the dark edges of our imaginations, and writing is something rare to us. It’s rare because it actually holds our attention.

Most of my readers know I have career A.D.D., and Karina kind of has the same issue. She’s been an actor, make-up artist, film producer, screen writer, photographer, travel writer, music journalist and most recently, she just left her job to become a full-time writer. A much deserved title if you’ve read any of her books, or even just spoken to one of her many fans. Each book she writes pushes Karina’s creativity just a little bit further, and it’s been a long-term passion for her.

Just recently she accepted representation from a highly respected literary agent, and her upcoming novel, The Devils Metal, is almost ready to rock some faces off, while the next installment in the EIT series, Into The Hollow, is due out October 2012.

Karina has been a great friend to me on this rollercoaster ride we call publishing. She’s kind, open, generous, and she is always making me laugh. Also, she’s kind of famous for more than just writing. I’m not kidding. She once went from being an innocent audience member, to a David Copperfield ass-grabber all in one night. Which naturally lead to her becoming impregnated on stage by the magician himself. True story (please note that blog is no longer active. If you want to stay up to date with Karina, follow her on her official website).

On that note, I introduce to you a stellar author, a great friend, and a one-time sexual assaulter of a world-famous magician. My people, I give you, Ms. Karina Halle.

The Interview

 1. As I mentioned, before you became a full-time writer you were a lot like me; always switching career paths and trying new things. What led you to start writing, and what is it about writing that manages to keep you invested?

I’ve lived quite an interesting life and as a result I’ve got many stories to tell. When I was younger I would just create fake towns and people and scenarios and as I got older I funneled that into screenwriting. Of course, screenwriting is a very rigid art and extremely hard to break into. Once I decided I’d give a novel a shot, there was no turning back.

2. If you decided to stop writing and had to pick a career from all the jobs you’ve held, which one would it be, and what did you love about it?

Hmmm. Unfortunately most of them have had something to do with writing (travel writing, screenwriting, music writing) so in that case I’d go with photographer! I’ve taken photos actively since I was a wee one and I love capturing moments.

3. As an author, we don’t always get a lot of time to read. Until recently you held a full-time job, published multiple books a year, and alongside that, marketed them. When you do find the time to read, what makes you decide to pick up a book? Are there specific factors you like to see in something you’re investing your free time in, or are you open to anything?

When I’m not writing and taking a break, or I’m writing but not a strict deadline, I always make the time to read. I believe reading is the only way to hone your craft (aside from just writing) and it totally helps me. Plus I’ve always loved to read. I pick up a book based on the blurb and it can be anything that catches my interest at that moment.

4. Was there a single story that sparked your passion for books? If so, is the book that sparked your passion for reading the same one that urged you try and write one?

Sort of. I guess I could say there are two different books that did this. On the romance/mysterious side of things it was Jane Eyre. On the spooky side of things it was Charles Berlitz’s World of Strange Phenomena. Also props to Baby-Sitter’s Club’s Anne. M. Martin for creating an empire with her series.

5. Where did you find the inspiration for the EIT series, and in your opinion, what makes it stand out?

The X-Files was a huge inspiration – it was scary, complex and Mulder and Scully’s “non-relationship” caused me to fangirl every Friday night. I think Experiment in Terror stands out because it’s different from almost everything else out there – there’s no insta-love. The romance grows slowly and realistically and is all the better for it. The characters are extremely relatable and aren’t perfect in the slightest. They are very real and very flawed and people love it. And it’s scary. Deep down inside, most people like to be scared.

6. As a music journalist, you got to meet a lot of musicians. Who was your favorite to interview and why? And as a follow-up, who was the worst and why?

That’s a toss-up. Chris Cornell for the sheer “OMG I’M TALKING TO CHRIS CORNELL” novelty – plus I got him to spend the entire interview talking about Soundgarden when he was supposed to be publicizing something else, much to the annoyance of his PR person. The other great interview was with Faith No More’s Bill Gould. We just talked for hours at this cool restaurant on Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco. Imagine interviewing one of the pioneers of your favorite band…not just interviewing but talking as friends. It was amazing – plus the first interview FNM did since 1998. I felt very privileged and was on a high for weeks.

Worst interview would have to be the dude from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The magazine didn’t even bother publishing the interview. The dude spent a good deal talking about a bee that was buzzing around his head and then he swatted it away and spent the next while worrying that he had hurt the poor creature. I just gave up.

7. You’re born and raised in B.C. and one thing I noticed in my visits there that differs from Alberta, is B.C. has a Cold Beer Tax…what’s up with that?

Our liquor laws suck. Don’t get me started.

8. How many books are planned in the EIT series? Also, your upcoming release, The Devils Metal, is a step away from EIT, is it a standalone book or the start to a new series?

Eight books for EIT in total, plus some novellas here and there. The Devil’s Metal is part of a new series (two books and one novella) and though there is a connection to EIT (which EIT theorists WILL jump on), it’s very different. It’s based on some of my experiences as a music journalist. It involves hot rock stars. And demons. And sexy times. Oh and it’s set in 1974.

9. You’re a straight-up, honest person, and when you’re not writing, you’re reading. You pay for your books like anyone else, which makes you a consumer. As an author, some believe we forfeit our right to critically review books. I disagree with this, as do you, but because of it, you and your books have occasionally caught some flack. What’s your response to that?

Well, I understand why some authors refuse to give critical reviews. I’ve given some not so favorable reviews because I believe in being honest. I paid for the book, I deserve to give my honest opinion, just as people who buy my books deserve to give their honest opinion. I’ve never been a bully and always try to be fair and I always have nice things to say – believe me, I know how it feels to have your work critiqued. But by doing so I have to prepare for the onslaught of disgruntled authors and their fans (or sock puppets). I’ve left a critical review on some books and had tons of 1 star reviews on my books as immediate retaliation. It’s sad, especially when they only focus on the negative. Just man up and grow a pair; an eye-for-an-eye attitude is childish and you have to be prepared for criticism, regardless who it comes from.

I’m also honest in my reviews because people are looking to me for my opinion on things. I’m not going to endorse a book I don’t like – I lose credibility if I do so. I’m not going to give five stars because they give five stars to me. No, you tell me how you feel and I’ll tell you how I feel. Let’s be honest with each other. Also, when I do give something five or four stars, then you really know I loved it and people like to rely on that consistency.

10. Tell me one of your extreme pet peeves and why it bothers you?

AAAAH SO MANY. I hate people being fake nice, either to get people to like them, spread a false image of themselves, or to get something in return. Being kept awake at night, that’s a major one – I WILL CUT A BITCH IF YOU KEEP ME UP. People who walk in the bicycle path or people who bike in the walking path. Slow drivers in the right hand lane. People who pick apart shit for the sake of picking apart shit. People who are always negative/bitter, those real “rain on your parade” types. I swear I have a list of pet peeves somewhere lol.

11. And I have no option but to ask this, the crowd demands to know: does David Copperfield have a nice ass?

It’s all magic. 

What’s your preference? 

Love Triangles Yay or Nay: NAY.

Best Concert You’ve Been To: Faith No More.

Dream Vacation: I’ve kind of already done this, but campervaning around New Zealand with the man.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs.

Spiders or Snakes: Snakes! I’ve had a few of them draped on me.

Chocolate or Caramel: Both?


 5 Favorites 

Food: Sushi

Color: Aqua

80’s Movie: Romancing the Stone

Scene From a Book: I read too many books to properly remember scenes that stand-out. Perhaps in The Shining, when Jack is in the hedge maze and the animal hedges keep getting closer. Or the last scene in Dreamfever. Or in Jane Eyre when she goes into the room to visit with the “witch” and then it’s reveled that….*sigh* Or, like, every scene from The Dark Tower Series. 

Smell: Coconut

 There you have it people, David Copperfield’s ass is magic! Seriously though, thank you Karina for taking the time to chat with me, and give both myself, and my readers some insight into you!

If you haven’t checked our Karina’s books, today is your lucky day. Or rather, it could be. I’ve purchased each of Karina’s book in Kindle format, and one of you is going to win every book in the series that is currently published. Just enter the Rafflecopter below, and in three weeks, we’ll draw a winner! And to get you started, Darkhouse, the first book in the Experiment In Terror series, is currently FREE!

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