Victory Is Mine!

Victory Is Mine!

Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Protector Series, Writing | 13 comments

It was an hard night last night, but 7900 words later, at 1am, I emerged victorious. The final leg of the journey was intense, exhausting, and worth every word. RELEASE officially has a complete first draft, and by Thursday, I’ll be starting edits and revisions. Yet another battle begins…

This book is something different for me…something special. There are characters within that I’ve had the joys of creating, and one of them in particular has become a favorite. I have not enjoyed writing the first draft of a book as much I have this one. This book was a roller coaster for me, and I am beyond excited to share it with you.

RELEASE means a lot to me right now, and I imagine it will will only mean more to me once I get into revisions. I can flesh out the characters better, smooth out the flow, and bring things to life in a way a first draft just cannot accomplish. It’s true I’ll be pushing myself to get these next set of revisions done in a few weeks, but I have to. I can’t not be eye deep in this story. It has it’s claws in me, and each word tears me further into it’s depths.

In a few short months, this book will touch many hands: Beta readers, two editors, beta readers again, and then finally, after all this hard work has come to a head, I’ll click the publish button. I hope when that day comes, you’ll be waiting on the other side of the monitor for it. 


    • Thanks Patricia! It's been a hard week LOL.

  1. I found exile and shift completely by accident and I have to say that I couldn't put either of them down. I had a sleepless night and finished them both. I just wanted rio tell you that you're done an amazing job and that I for one will be awaiting book three with barely contained excitement. A, job well done mr merrick.

    • P.s I do apologize for all the spelling mistakes.I am writing from my phone and it has its own ideas as to what I typed.

    • You just made my day, San! Thank you for the comments. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the next one!

  2. I've been an avid reader since I was a small boy. Often reading up to ten books a week. And I'm happy to say that only very rarely have I ever been so gripped by a book that I wanted to personally meet the characters. I don't know you mr merrick but from the story you've told me thus far I can say without hesitation that I would like to. I would put you in the same category as the likes of r.a salvatore and terry brooks. I have loved the books and eagerly await the next instalment. I would just like to say thankyou for taking the time to put pen to paper.

    • Wow! That's an incredible compliment, Rhodry. That means so much to me, I'm not sure I could even put it into words. Thank you. I'm very excited to give you RELEASE, the third installment in the series.

    • And very excited to read it! It's been a long time since I was looking this forward to a book release.

  3. Congratulations and I just want to say that once your book is published we as fan's will be able to say victory is ours!! Your series is great and I have enjoyed the ride and can't wait for this one! From your books to your blog you are a writer that cares for the story and what it has to say and as a reader I am just glad to go on the adventure. Can't wait for Release!!

  4. Yay!! I am so excited for Release!! I know it's gong to be fantastic!! This is one of my favorite series I have read and I can't wait to see where this book goes!!Congrats on finishing up the 1st draft for it!!

  5. I must say I've never been this impressed by a book I've found on my kindle before. I normally approach these “lower than $5” indie releases (is this an indie release? idk) with more than a little skepticism and have grown used to transparent characters and bland story-line that some first time authors fall victim to creating. So it was my surprise that upon finishing Exiled, i actually found myself genuinely invested in the characters and tore through the next book in the same day. All in all, i would like to thank you for a fantastic read which is part-mortal instruments, part-Avatar (TLO), and 100% fantastic :p
    p.s. Seriously cant wait for the next book(s)

  6. I recently went around all my friends and bought them copies of your books… You now have thirty extra fans waiting for release…. I hope it's soon because I and all my friends are waiting 🙂

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