Book 3 Has A Title

Book 3 Has A Title

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The Protector series has never been difficult for me in the way of determining titles. In fact, both Exiled and Shift had titles long before their first draft was complete. In my mind, there was nothing else they could be called. Both titles summed up the novel in different ways. There were deeper meanings behind the titles then just events that occurred in each story, and sometimes the title represented multiple aspects within.

Book 3 in the series however, has been difficult. I’ve gone through well over fifty ideas for this book, only because there is so much happening inside, it was difficult to find a title that represented everything. When I finished the outline for the novel, I had a title already in mind. It was perfect. As I began writing though, the story took a drastic turn, and so as events unfolded and changed from my original story line, the title was no longer suitable.

Now before I tell you the title, I want to let you know where book 3 is at. I just passed the 100k mark in the first draft, and I’m estimating it’ll finish up at around 130k – 140k. That, of course, will be cut down with revisions and edits, but that’s where I’m guessing I’ll be sitting when it’s done, and I am on schedule to finish that by Sunday night.

If all goes according to plan, and I can make the timeline work with both my critique partners, and my editors, I’m fairly certain a December 1st release date is achievable. So that’s what I’m going with for now, but be prepared for some changes should I hit any road bumps, or if revisions take a nasty turn. I don’t foresee that happening, but you always need to be prepared.

I had no intention of holding back this title once I’d decided on it for as long as I have, but with the constant changes in the story, I didn’t want to unveil it and then have to change it later. There isn’t anything fancy about it, and it isn’t some grand reveal, but I had to make sure it was the right title for the book. So without further ado, I give you the title for the third book in the Protector Series:

This title represents so much of the story, for so many different reasons. I’d love to explain it, but rather than risk giving away important details, I will refrain. So there there you have. I will no longer be referring to this story as book 3. From this point forward, it shall be known as Release. 
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