What To Expect From Book 3 & TEASERS

What To Expect From Book 3 & TEASERS

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I assume if you’re reading this, you’ve read Exiled and possibly Shift. As you well know, a lot has happened so far and to be honest, stuff is about to get crazy.

In Exiled you were introduced to the characters, the world, the magic, the monsters, and the general ARC. You got to see where Chase was at mentally and you had a taste of what’s to come. It’s an introduction to my style as a writer. I like action, I love magic, and when the two collide, I’m a happy camper. You meet a lot of the supporting cast, some of whom are my favorite to write, and I tried to give you enough closure that you were satisfied, but leaving you curious about the next installment.

With Shift, there was a lot more depth overall. Although still told from Chase’s perspective, the story line follows Rayna in a much more intimate way. We  get to see some frighteningly awesome change in Willy, and there is serious growth made on Chase’s part. Things get more serious here as the side characters develop quite a bit more, and the stakes are increased. Rayna steps up from a great supporting heroine, to a full-out main character. You get to see inside her world a little more, and the relationship between Chase and Rayna strengthens.

So what can you expect from book 3? With this book I want to deliver a one-two combo of Exiled and Shift, with something more on the side. I want to unleash the monsters, magic, and awesome fight sequences you’ve come to expect with my work. You can anticipate the the fast-paced story telling from Exiled and Shift, but this time, something deeper as well. Characters you haven’t seen as much from are going to open up to you and become more prominent, and the main cast will show you sides to them you have yet to see.

Vincent and Tiki will play more forward roles in this book. You’ll learn about their pasts, who they really are, and how they fit into the grand scheme of things. Rayna has a lot more growth ahead of her, as her part in the story develops, and I want to show just how deep things go with Chase. There’s a lot more to him than meets the eye and part of my objective in this book, isn’t to show you his growth and change as a character, but to make you feel it. I will hopefully answer some of the underlying questions you’ve been curious about, and perhaps open you up to a few more.

Riley and the Dark Brothers are continuing their quest for power. Ithreal is craving his release, and Riley refuses to keep him waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. There’s new characters and antagonists introduced, old ones revisited, and new creatures that will hopefully get your blood pumping.

Book 3 is the turning point. It’s the 3/4 book in the Protector series and I won’t let there be a lull. I don’t want a “filler” book. I don’t have time for it. The series doesn’t have time for it. You don’t have time for it. There is too much happening for me to give you a break. Book 3 is hard, fast, and in your face, but in a different way than Exiled and Shift. There is a different vibe to the story, and there is more action involved that doesn’t necessarily include fighting. Although with this installment you’ll be reaching undiscovered depths in the story and with the characters, you’re just getting into what’s really going on, and I want you gripping the pages.

If you’re hoping for a chance to breath, you’re about to be unsatisfied.

And with that, I leave you a few teasers:

His body stumbled and as his element fell, I tore water from the magical place inside my soul. Cold power rushed through my body and exploded towards him. A ball of ice shot across the room shattering against his chest. Crystals of ice sparkled and rained like diamonds to the ground. 


“It’s a spell,” a deep, familiar voice came from behind us. I jumped to my feet and before I saw his face, I already had both my daggers unsheathed. “A spell that keeps her body preserved in hopes someone will find her before she turns to dust. That’s the beauty of killing Underworlders; there’s almost no mess to clean up when you are done. This however, is nothing but a weak attempt to notify someone of her kind, that she has met an unjust death.”


A rush of wind moved through the trees. The staggering footsteps of our on comer were clear, but the rush of winds behind him blurred something else.

“We should go,” I said. “We don’t have time for this.”

Tiki nodded and reached out towards me. I grabbed his arm with a solid grip and his magic began to unfold around me.

Leaves exploded into the forest again, but just as before, nothing came with it. The wind blew and the growls grew louder; they were almost here.

The faint white glow of something small and pale appeared in the shadows next to us. It moved through the trees, letting each branch scrape against its body, not making an effort to create a path.

“What is that?” Tiki asked, his magic fading around.

I squinted, trying to make out whatever it was. “I have no idea.” The creature moved in strange strides, seemingly inching its way toward us. As the darkness of its head rose, and the bright yellow eyes were revealed, my stomach sunk in disappointment and regret. “Dammit,” I muttered under my breath.

“What did I tell you?” I said, letting go of Tiki and storming towards him. I pulled both daggers from their sheath and called to my magic. I wasn’t wasting any more of my time with Vincent. This ended now. 

Fire and Water danced inside me as they came up in a graceful exchange. I channeled them into my blades and fire and ice engulfed the silver. Red and blue magic swirled around them, heat and frost decorating each blade.

Vincent tried to stand, but he could only hunch. He limped towards me and as the wind blew his unbuttoned shirt open, it revealed streams of blood running down his chest. “Please…” he gasped, raising a bright red hand.


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