Book Blogging 101 with Parajunkee

Book Blogging 101 with Parajunkee

Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Author Advice, Blog Events, Rant And Ramble |

I had a post all planned out for yesterday, but in trying to import a blog file to an old blog, I had some issues. These ‘issues’ invovled that blog being tied into my Twitter still, so Twitter received about 150 tweets from me in regards to new blog posts that in fact, were not new. Even through the monitor I could feel the glares. What’s worse is I had to wait HOURS to even apologize, because said ‘issue’ put me in Twitter Jail. *sigh*

Anyways, my task for you today is this: Go to Parajunkee’s website, and check out her Book Blogging 101 post. There is one post, and a few interviews afterwards (one is mine!). This is GREAT reading that all revolves around mending and maintaining healthy Author/Blogger relationships. With everything that’s happening recently to damage these relationships, we need to fix it.

 Make it happen people. Spread the love, and check out my photo. Fireman Matt to the rescue!

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