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Yesterday was my first day trying to get back in my routine. Once the kids are in bed, I can sit down and do my work; writing, social media, blogging, etc. Last night wasn’t much of an accomplishment writing wise, and by that, I mean I did none. However, I did spend the night on Twitter, chatting with some wonderful people and catching up. We had an instant winner giveaway for signed paperbacks of both my books, which are on their way to Australia as we speak.

Also shipping today are the winners of my giveaways! I’ve got 2 signed books going to the US winner of the Goodreads giveaway, and signed paperbacks, as well as signed posters, on their way to Japan for the winner of my blog’s giveaway. All in all it’s been a great week to get back into things.

Exiled’s first book birthday is coming up on July 1st, and I’m trying to plan some fun stuff for that, but given certain restraints, it may be shortly after the 1st that the celebration happens. As the week goes on, I’m hoping to pick up at the 25k word count mark for Book 3 and hit the ground running. It’s been two weeks since I wrote a word of it, but the story has been vibrating through my skull and soaring through my veins. I’m ready to write.

If you’re interested in paperbacks or cover posters of my books, as always, you can order signed copies through me, but also, Amazon has both Exiled and Shift paperbacks on sale right now! If you want copies and are looking to save a few bucks (who isn’t?), now is a great time to get your hands on them.

If you’ve already read and enjoyed my books, I want to hear from you! You can leave a comment, e-mail me, write a review on Amazon, or just message me on Twitter or Facebook. I’m pretty much available everywhere, so look me up, drop me a line, and lets chat!

If you’re a book reviewer and you’re interested in reviewing either of my books, I’m hoping to get a new line of reviews up and running soon, so e-mail me at MRMerrick (at) Live (dot) ca and we can set it up. 

Everything else I’m planning and would like to talk about is still not a “sure thing” yet, so alas I must keep that to myself. But, I’m hoping to have some very cool things happening soon, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Until then, I give you some strange, some non-existent, and some just damn cute animal photos.

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