Holiday Time!

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I know, you’re thinking “this guy has been on a writing holiday for 3 months. When the hell is this next book coming out and why is he taking another holiday?”

First of all, I know, I suck right now. But, I’m doing it for you. Really I am. I won’t distribute something that is garbage and since I hadn’t really been feeling the story, I voted for not writing crap and waiting until the time was right.

Second, the book is coming. I promise. I’m still aiming for a December 2012 release, but like I’ve said before, I won’t commit to that date officially until I’ve handed it to my editor. But, I assure you that once I get writing, I’ll be hammering out 10k in a good session (I hope) and tearing it up. It’s going to be a big book, so everything has to be just right.

Now as for this holiday business. I’m not actually going on holidays, although I wish I was. I’m taking a week off from my day job for a few reasons.

The first being that I want to spend a week with my family. My wife goes back to work near the end of June. Her maternity leave is almost over and as such, we want to have a solid week together and hopefully do some fun things as a family.

The second reason is that I want to get book 3 started!!! Lately, it seems my creativity and desire to write this story is happening in the morning. With the previous installments in the Protector series, I’ve always been a night owl. That was the only time I had to write. That’s still the only time I have to write, but for some reason, this time around, my inspiration kicks into high gear at around 10am…which is right now, hence why I was inspired to write a blog post!

Anyways, I will be kicking my own butt this week to get some work done. Hopefully a lot of work. I wouldn’t mind seeing 30k – 50k in words during my week off. That seems like a lot, but once I get going and let go, typing 90 words-per-minute tends to come in handy. That is if the story starts flowing. If it’s not, I will start writing anyways. Even if I only get a few thousand words down, I’ll keep pushing through. I can always go back and re-write chapters to fix them later, but I’m hoping once the flood gates open, the words will rush through my mind and onto the keyboard.

That’s it for now. Happy Friday!

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