Book Update and My Rant About Underworld

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So THE giveaway is well underway, starting today and going until June 16th. Two chances to win signed paperback copies of both my books, and one chance at signed cover posters. I will say this, if there is a lot of interest, there may be an additional prize pack given away on the blog…maybe. Spread the love and there could be more happening. Just saying…

Now that that tiny plug is out of the way, it’s on to book news!

As some of you know, I’ve been struggling with book 3. I couldn’t figure out why I just had no desire to sit down and write it. I knew what was going to happen in the story, but I just couldn’t get a good feel for the first chapter. I’m not the type of write who can just write a bunch of scenes and connect them later. At least not yet. As it stands right now, I need to write page 1, and go straight until I’m at page “the end.” That being said, after weeks of nearly pulling my hair out, I’ve figured it out…I think. I think I might have said this before too, but this time I really am excited.

With this sudden epiphany came the ending of book 4, the last book in the series. I always knew in general how it would end, but now I know exactly. That alone has lit a fire under my butt to get to work. If you’ve enjoyed this series so far, make sure you get a fresh supply of underwear. This series is not just being taken to the next level, but a few above that too. I don’t say that lightly. This next book and the one after are going to be…crazy intense, to say the least.

In personal entertainment news, I watched Underworld: Awakening a few nights ago and sadly, I was disappointed. I am a HUGE Underworld fan. I love the world they’ve created, the Vampire vs. Lycan war and the history behind it. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the third movie in the franchise, which is technically a prequel explaining the back story of how the war came to be, but I think that was mostly because of a lack of Kate Beckinsale. I have a tiny crush on her. Needless to say, this movie was even worse.

They set the story up to take place twelve years later and they do a good job with it. The first ten minutes of the movie are spent explaining how Selene came to be cryogenically frozen. I was impressed. Then they drop a twist and you’re excited. I saw it coming a mile away, but that didn’t take away from the greatness of it. So what was so disappointing you ask? The lack of development. I know so many people loved this movie, and I was a huge fan of earlier installments, but this was a let down. They could have taken this story arc to epic proportions, but they didn’t. Instead, in a world where most movies are between an hour and forty five minutes and two and half hours, we’re given a short film at an hour and eighteen minutes. They could’ve used at least another half an hour to explore what they were creating, but they didn’t. I mean the whole bit with the cop and their instant trust of each other. They’d never even met, WTF? Anyways, enough ranting. I expect more from the next film.

On the plus side, the action and fighting sequences were incredible. Special effects were a good and as always, I love the vampires and werewolves they’ve created. Acting was as good as it ever is, but none of this was good enough to carry the film – at least for me. I wanted to see some more character development, some more tension building between the hiding vampire coven and Selene, as well as a stronger build behind the little girl. I won’t give out any spoilers -not that you won’t see them coming for your self- but they could’ve done a lot more with her.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable for what it is, but disappointing in general based on what I’ve come to expect from this film franchise. If you liked any of the Underworlds so far, you should still check it out. Had I  gone into this movie with the slight disappointment of the third film lingering in my mind, I probably woud’ve enjoyed it more. Instead, I went into it expecting epicness based on some very well made movie trailers that made me think I’d left the disappointed of the third movie behind. Sadly, for me, this was not the case.

On a separate note, I watched Kate Beckinsale and Mark Wahlberg in Contraband a few nights earlier, and I quite enjoyed it. Not your typical heist-style movie, and quite a bit darker than I was expecting, but Wahlberg rarely ever lets me down. Lets be honest here, Shooter is pretty much one of my favorite movies ever.

Okay, rant over, and I ended on a happy note. Go me. Let’s keep this positive vibe going with cute pictures, and another link to my giveaway!


  1. I am the same way when writing. I rarely can write out of order. I get scenes that are out of order, but I make notes for later when I get to that spot.

    I thought about seeing the new Underworld movie when it came out, but given how most movies seem to go downhill after the first movie, hubby and I decided to wait until we could rent it.

    • I'm not much of a movie goer myself. I hate waiting in line, the ridiculous cost of snacks, not being able to pause it, and I hate paying $30 just for my wife and I to see the movie. I'd rather wait, buy the Blu-ray, and then I own the movie for cheaper than it would be to go to the theater.

  2. Finally, someone else who likes Wahlberg besides me. I thought he was the only good thing in the Planet of the Apes remake/remix. I love Four Brothers and Shooter was a great movie. I'll have to check out Contraband. I don't even think I ever saw the 3rd Underworld movie, but I'll get around to it someday and then I'll watch the next.

    Good to hear there are going to be at least two more books in the Protector series. I hope your muse is hinting at spinoffs or something too.

    • Oh man, Four Brothers was freaking awesome. Wahlberg stars in some of my all-time favorite movies. And really, The Big Hit was wicked! Shooter is just amazing. I swear I watch it every few months.

      Spinoffs are definitely in the back of my mind. Not sure how they're going to work with releasing the next books, but the ideas are stirring. I can tell you that much.

  3. So glad you got things settled in you mind for the writing! CANNOT wait for more Matt!!!

    So since I've never watched any of those movies, I have no opinion on your rant.

    I do love your cute pics!


    • I cannot wait to give you more! I'm very excited right now, so much going through my head it's almost too much. LOL.

    • I did! I don't now how I did, I just removed comment moderation LOL. I didn't even realize Captcha was on until you said so in another blogs comment. I hate it, I wasn't having that business on my site! LOL

      And Underworld, amazing? Really? I think we have to agree to disagree on that one LOL.

  4. I have not seen the latest Underworld movie because I have heard that it is a let down. I guess I will eventually watch it. So excited for book 3 in the Protector series!! It's seriously one of my favorite series I have read. You totally rock Matt!! Oh, and I have to agree with you about Mark Wahlberg. I think he is a fantastic actor, and Shooter is one of my favorite movies too!!

    • I was really disappointed by it. I really hope with the next one that they pull up their socks and hammer it down. More story line, grow the characters and let the plot develop. This movies just felt quick and forced.

      Shooter is so badass. I can't say enough good things about it. Wahlberg is damn good!

      Thanks Amy! I'm going to have more for you soon. If you liked the first two books (which I know you did) what I have planned for this book will rock your world. Or at least I hope so…in my mind it does…I guess we'll see. Haha.

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