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I spent the last week on holidays from work. I didn’t actually go anywhere, but I got in some much needed relaxation and time with the family.

My goal for my holiday was to write 30 – 50k. Well, I did not meet this goal. In fact, I have little to show for word count due to a lack of attempt. In a few brief sittings I managed to write 13k, which should make me upset that I did not write more, but it hasn’t. I took a break from everything after all my promotional launch efforts were completed with Shift, and I’m just now easing my way back into a routine. Or trying to at least.

The good news is that 13k words makes up my first 4 chapters, which is what I was struggling with in the beginning. I thought I was starting in the wrong place, when that wasn’t the case at all. I wasn’t in the wrong place, but I had taken the wrong approach. As of now, I’m happy to report I am very happy with them…for the moment. Knowing me, that can all change once the story is complete, but as it stands now, I love it. Also, it helps that it is wife approved.

I am lucky to have someone in my life that supports me, through and through, on my dream to become a full-time writer. Since before publication, my wife has read practically everything I’ve written. Sometimes a few dozen times. She’s my beta reader and my sounding board; I constantly talk to her about my current story and I bombard her with questions and potential scenarios. I’m sure it drives her crazy but she’s kind enough to keep that a secret from me. So when she’s happy with what I’ve written, I’m usually just about there as well. And now that I have the first chapters completed, I have a solid foundation in which to unleash my creative beast.

It’s difficult to jump back into things when coming off of a writing break, but I think the key is consistency. Write something, anything, to get the words flowing. Social media is easily (for me anyways) a distraction, but it’s writing. Working on my blog (which will hopefully soon be a website. Yes, I’m getting on board with having my own professional site soon), is word count. And it all helps. But you have to force yourself to sit down and write. Once you get into the routine of doing that every day, it’s easier than ever. For me, this is just retraining my brain on how to think. It’s not about writing when my muse is ready. If that were the case, I’d never write, or I’d never work, or I’d never sleep, because it comes at random intervals…usually while I’m driving. Having taken such a long break I now have to retrain my muse to be ready when I am. In order to do this, I have to have a routine. So over the next few weeks I’ll be sitting down every night to write. Maybe on my blog, maybe just spending time on Twitter and Facebook, but hopefully a little bit of everything; including my novel. So If you’re online and around, come on over and say “hi!”

I haven’t set any new goals, but I wouldn’t be disappointed to have 50k by the middle of June…we’ll see. For now, I’m back to the grind and soon to be back doing what I love: telling stories.

Happy Monday! And to my friends south of the border, happy Memorial Day.

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