When The Gauntlet Is Thrown…

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I have little to not control, I can’t help but accept. Within reason of course, don’t go getting any ideas.

I love a challenge. It pushes you to exceed your limits, and in some cases, like this, finds you preparing to do something you never thought you would.

Author Jillian Dodd, host of her special  Monday posts of MANday, has thrown down the gauntlet. In a half-joking comment that turned serious, she’s has struck a deal with author CJ West…to take his shirt off. That’s right, if CJ can get 5000 comments on that page, he’ll be taking it off. He’s currently in training mode; trimming the excess and unwanted, and toning the desirable upper body in preparation for a big debut of abs galore!

Why am I posting about this? A few reasons.

First, just because this is awesome.

Second, although I’ve just recently met CJ, I know Jillian, and they’re both awesome. I think it’s a great challenge and an even better opportunity.

Third, there’s $500 friggen dollars on the line for someone who comments. 500 Amazon bucks to spend as you will. If ripped abs and 500 bucks isn’t worth a blog post, I don’t now what is.

And lastly, and here is the announcement some of you have been waiting for…..



Stop now if you don’t really care…

Waiting a little more….

As soon as CJ’s turn on MANday is done….




That’s right. For me, training officially starts tonight. Bu remember if the post doesn’t hit 5000 comments, there is no giveaway, and no shirtless photos. Yep, without those 5k comments, it doesn’t happen. So if you want to see my turn come up, you need to make sure CJ hits 5k so we can  keep this wicked giveaway and opportunity going!

As per Jillian’s website:

If you help us, YOU will be eligible to win a prize package of ebooks by both CJ West and myself, Jillian Dodd, as well as some of our friend’s books. You can enter to win that package by doing this:

Tweet this:  Help @jilliandodd convince @cjwest to be on MANday http://wp.me/p1zk5w-A7 #teamnoshirt #contest #prize #kindle #books” 

If you want to be one of the 5k commenters and enter to win the Amazon gift card, comment on CJ’s Blog post HERE!

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