Exiled Week!

Posted by on Apr 3, 2012 in Blog Events, Protector Series, Random |

There are some awesome things happening this week. Not one, but two, fantastic blogs, are hosting an entire week dedicated to Exiled. You MUST check them both out. Or else I’m sicking that weird looking…whatever that is at the bottom of this e-mail, on YOU!

The first is Book Soulmates, and they have some very cool things going on. A 4.5-Star review, Blog soulmate interview, and something very special later in the week! Plus, their hosting an entire month long tribute to some great indie authors!

The second is The Blonde Who Reads. She’s hosting a whole week of Exiled with double reviews, an author interview, Guest Post, and all around bad ass stuff.

Don’t miss out on either of these events. Be sure to subscribe to both, because aside from regularly great content, they’ve both have some great authors coming up for future week-long dedications too!

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