Busy Busy Go Time!

Busy Busy Go Time!

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Well yesterday was an exciting day. I received my first shipment of Shift paperbacks, most of which were already spoken for, and spent the night signing books and posters. My hand isn’t used to this whole writing stuff! I think I might of pulled something…okay I’m kidding. But to give you an idea, this is what my night looked like, except there were a lot more than just two posters.

The good news is, if you ordered a signed copy of Exiled, Shift, or either of the cover posters (which aren’t actually posters, but 12″ x 18″ pictures. Yep, thick and not so easy to tear awesomeness!) they’re being shipped out today and they’re on there way. Winners of The Bookish Brunettes Cover Battle Royal are getting their prize packs sent out today as well. AND, for some of you, you didn’t order anything, but it’s on its way anyways as a huge thank you for all your kindness and support.

Since February, the support, friendship, and the word of mouth advertising I’ve received from some of you has been…well, there are no words. I want to say “thank you!” but it just doesn’t seem like enough. To tell you how honored I am to have met such a community of readers who are interested in my work, who support me as an author, and who want to help spread the word about my stories, is an understatement. I’m beyond thank yous, way past honored, and right now, I’m somewhere beyond the territory of flabbergasted.

As of now, I can’t even believe the reviews and response I’m receiving. I’m actually getting fan-mail from people I’ve never spoken too. It’s one thing to have a friend tell you how great your book is, but to have a complete stranger tell you is something completely different. It’s surreal.

The Protector Series is going to be 4 books in length with the potential for a novella or two about some of your favorite characters thrown in the mix. The fact that I’m only two books into the series and I have complete strangers demanding book 3 via Twitter, Goodreads, and directly to my e-mail is pretty much one of the greatest experiences I have had with my writing.

Val at Stuck In Books has a student review of Exiled up right now that knocked my socks off. Patrick is a middle school student who wrote that review, and he probably has no idea how incredible he is. How he made my day/week/month with that review. An actual Young Adult who loved my stories. A kid who goes to school early or stays late after class to read a little more of Shift. That’s dedication right there, and I don’t think anything could replace how great that makes me feel.

I’ve been slacking a little bit lately. I should have started book 3 by now. I have the outline, the creative juices are almost there, but I just haven’t had the motivation to start yet. I forced myself to take a break, and now I’m actually having trouble pulling myself out of it! But this is the end of that. I’m gearing up to tear into book 3 this week (I know I’ve been saying that for a month), but the good news is, once I start writing, the words come faster than I can type. I’m hoping for a 6 week turn-around time from start to finish of the first draft, and then the work is going to get serious.

So thank you to everyone who’s been so amazing in supporting me and I hope you’ll continue it. For those of you who are waiting, I’m going to try REALLY hard to have book 3 to you before Christmas. It’s too early to be making promises about a release date, but I do promise to try my damnedest to make it happen!

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