Happy Monday

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I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day! The Kindle giveaway was a huge success, with over 400 entries! Thank you to everyone who participated. The winner has been selected and contacted, and should be receiving their Kindle soon!

I did pretty much nothing this weekend as far as writing is concerned. Some of you know I’ve started a secret side project that I am not speaking about, except to tease you that I’m working on secret project. I *might* be accepting bribes…just saying.

The outline for The Protector Series Book 3 will be underway later this week, and hopefully by the beginning of April, I’ll be pumping out some huge word counts with that. I’d be beyond happy if I could have this book to you by December, but for those of you know me, you know I’m a little OCD about my projects. I like to go through them a million times to make sure the epicness is severely embedded into the story. I’ve got some seriously wicked ideas getting put into this story, and I’m more excited for this book, than any other book in the series so far! So you should be too and if you haven’t read EXILED or SHIFT yet, I’m calling friends off until you do.

If you missed my Twitter and Facebook posts, EXILED paperbacks are now on sale for $3 off! Signed copies are available through me for the same price, $13 + shipping, and you get your signed posters too!

Hope everyone’s week is starting out with positive vibes! Or at least as positive as a Monday can be.

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