Book 3 Is About To Begin

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In the middle of professional edits for EXILED, I got a huge burst of inspiration for SHIFT. While my editor worked on Exiled, I kept myself busy and started writing it right away. Night after night I pounded the keyboard, and I had insane results. Some nights I was pushing out 10,000 words in a single session. I completed the first draft, at over 130k words in 6 weeks. I was astonished, not to mention after doing a read through I found it wasn’t in very rough shape. It needed edits, yes, but it paced and flowed well for a first draft.

After I finished SHIFT however, I was nervous. I had no desire to start writing again. I had half my outline for book 3 done, and I wasn’t loving it. So I figured I needed a break. I’d been writing almost every night, nonstop since I started Exiled, and that was a few years ago. A break, I told myself, was just what I needed. I’ve kept myself busy beta reading for another author, doing guest posts and interviews, catching up and wasting copious amounts of time chatting with people on social media, and spending some much needed quality time with my family.

The last few days however, I’ve been getting all sorts of ideas. I’ve known what is going to happen in book 3 for a long time, it’s just the delivery I’ve been wondering about. Where exactly am I going to start this book, and how am I going to get the story from point A, to B, to C. What worlds are we going to explore? What will they look like? What new monsters are lurking in the back of my mind, waiting to explode on the pages? I have some fairly HUGE peaks in the story that have been swirling in my imagination for a while, but how are those peaks going to tie together? Well, after taking a few weeks off, I’m finally excited.

I don’t have all the answers yet, but I will soon. I’m going to review my existing outline, then wipe it clean and start anew. I haven’t decided if the series is going to run more than 3 books or not yet, but I do know either way, that this book is going to be explosive.

I’m going to start on the outline later this week, after I have a few more days to let the ideas cultivate inside this crazy mind, and I’ll start writing as soon as it’s finished. I’ve got some exciting twists, unexpected turns, and a few in your face surprises to reveal. There may be 3 or 4 bombshells I might drop on the pages too. For those though, you’ll just have to wait.

Until then, you have EXILED & SHIFT to tie you over.

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