AENGUS & The 7 Leprechauns Kindle Giveaway

AENGUS & The 7 Leprechauns Kindle Giveaway

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Today is St. Patrick’s Day and that means our exciting Author Blog Hop event is ON!

Click on the Shamrock to get the details about this 1 day only event and Kindle Giveaway!
Here’s how it works. 
1. Visit each stop to meet the leprechaun and collect the PURPLE letter 
2. Collect all the letters
3. Fill in the blank to answer the secret question

Where can Aengus find Caer, the girl of his dreams?

Enter your answer into the Raffle Copter below at any of the stops for your chance to win a Kindle!
Whaddya want?

Ya I’m Gernamehere da finest tradesman in da land.

Ye is lookin’ for a broad are ya? What makes ya t’ink I’ve seen ‘er, and if I ‘ad, what makes ya think I’d ‘elp the likes of yer kind?

Because a my lucky what?              
Ya son of PeGasus… do you ‘ave any idea what ‘appened to the last person to ask aboot me charms? ‘e Gots rainbows shootinG out ‘is arse and constantly beinG chased by youthful fleshbaGs. Bahahahaha. Dat was one me best tricks, if I do say so meself. You’d do well not to ask any more questions, and be on your way lad.

Are ya kidding? I’m Gernamehere the finest. Look at me! Do ya have any idea how many pretty Girls I see in a day?
Why you snarky little wart! I’ll turn ya insides into a…whaddya say? A trade? Hmmm…

Whaddya say she looks like?

Oooh. Ya, I seen her. And for dat dere baG of Gold, I’ll tell ya.

Hand it over…Good lad.

Ya Ya I seen ‘er. She came by not too lonG aGo. Wild charms dat women. Resisted all me tricks . Take dat path dere. It’ll take ya in da riGht direction, now move alonG before I chanGe me Goodhearted mind and turn ya into one a dose lawn ornament thinGys.  

If you’ve already visited

Then you’re done! Figure out the secret world and enter it below!

_ _ A _ O _ S _ O _ _ H


a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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