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For those of you that don’t know, #TeamOldSchool dominated the voting in the Cover Battle Royal that was hosted by the very awesome Ashley at the Bookish Brunette. The winners have already been contacted and prizes will be going out in late March when the SHIFT paperback is available.

I’ll be posting a new page this week with some pictures to choose from. There has been some demand for posters of Agent M from Bookish Evie’s Men In YA event, as well as poster size versions of the book covers. Both are going to be available to order as of this weekend and if you order them, you can, of course, choose to have them signed!

Shift has been out for a few weeks now, and it’s definitely spiked sales with Exiled. On Feb 15th I’d already beaten my best month for sales. That wasn’t a huge feat, but it’s damn exciting nonetheless. Reviews have -so far- been amazing, and I’m feeling pretty grateful. To read all these positive reviews from book bloggers and readers about something I wrote always fills me with joy. To know there are people out there that not only love my stories, but are awaiting more, takes my passion for storytelling to a whole new level.

For those that may have missed the announcement. SHIFT is not going to be available for Nook. Both Exiled and Shift are now exclusively for sale with Amazon. If you only have access to an eReader that takes ePub or PDF formats, be sure to watch for giveaways. I can’t sell the ePub version, but I can give it away and it’s available to be won in every giveaway!

I’m currently on a writing hiatus. I’ve been going non-stop since I started Exiled, so I’m taking advantage of some down time for a week or two. I’m working on a few side projects with other authors, doing some beta reading for others, and catching up on all the movies and TV shows I’ve had to miss out on. For those that are wondering, I’ll be starting book 3 of The Protector series in March, and I’d LOVE to have it to you by Christmas, but that’s a pretty ambitious goal, so I won’t be setting a release date until I’m finished at least the first draft.

Lastly, if you look on the left sidebar you’ll see a Cloverleaf link! I’ve been invited by some incredibly talented authors to join in on an awesome giveaway. It’s going to be a  badass blog hop happening for St. Patrick’s day and if you play, you could win a FREE KINDLE! Do not miss it, or they’ll be *cyber glares* for everyone.

Well that’s it for me. Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on with me!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost Friday and in celebration, I give you the Elephantoala.

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