Book Bloggers: Oh How Thee Rocks My World

Book Bloggers: Oh How Thee Rocks My World

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This is a bit of a wordy post, but if you’re an author, or a blogger, it’s important, so read it all dammit, or else I’m calling friends off.
Each stop on this tour has been special. The bloggers that took part not only made room on the most insane reading schedules ever, but they took time out of their lives. Not just to read any book, but to read a book from a virtually unknown author, who self-published. To say these incredible people took a chance on me is an understatement. 
My books aren’t bestsellers, but they’re being read by more people every day. They aren’t lining the shelves of bookstores or on the tables at Walmart and Costco, they’re lighting up eReaders all over.  They didn’t get there because readers have an endless amount of time to scroll through pages of books online, and mine isn’t on any top 100 lists, yet somehow, people find it. Not somehow. I know how.

Book bloggers

If it wasn’t for bloggers, I’d be lucky to sell a few books a month, and I don’t feel like they get the appreciation they deserve. And yes, that goes to every blogger. I don’t care if you rated my book 1-Star or 5-Stars. You took the time to give me a chance. For that, I’m thankful.

I say thank you, but it isn’t enough. There’s no way for me to display my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. You sell my books every day and if the readers you recommend them to enjoy them, they sell my books too, and the cycle continues. Word of mouth is the best advertising, but the moment I clicked publish, it was you, book bloggers, who got the word out.

I can’t say thank you and have it mean what I want it to, but I hope by continuing to write stories you enjoy, you’ll have an idea how much it all means to me. It’s the love you’ve shown my book that makes me want to write. Not just write, but to write bigger, better, more epic stories. I used to write for myself, for personal enjoyment. That’s why I started all this and it will always be part of it, but now, I write for you too; my readers, my supporters – my book bloggers.

This post is long, I know, and it’s to book bloggers everywhere, even if you haven’t read my books yet. Yes yet, you will. But now there’s 11 very special bloggers that deserve to know just what they mean to me. You should all follow their blogs, and follow them on Twitter, they are each incredible in ways you won’t know until you’re there.

Andrea @The Bookish Babes – You were the first to accept Exiled for review last year. You were the review that started it all and it was only right you started this tour. To say I appreciate what you’ve done for me is nothing. Words can’t do my respect for you justice. But let’s be clear, I still want my audio book of Exiled and now Shift too. Write that down so you don’t forget. While you’re recording it, I’m writing the most incredible novella. MerVamp Andrea – A Story of Mermaid Vampire in love, and yes, I will explain the “technical” side of things too. Perhaps we can do a trade? 

Lindsay @The Violet Hour – Your support on this journey has been amazing. Always spreading the word, supporting me and my writing, and being there for me on the bad days. I love your face ß True story. Also, MrSArmChairCat told me to say thank you as well. You know, in his way. 
Shana @ ABook Vacation – You’ve been raving about my story since you first finished Exiled. You’ve reached hundreds of readers and because of you, hundreds more people are discovering my books. To just say thank you is unjust, you are phenomenal.

Loretta @Between The Pages – You’re character pictures were amazing. Your Tiki is better than mine…I might have to make a switch. That post rocked my pants off. Yes, my pants. I’m so happy to have you be a part of all this. You’ve bought more copies of Exiled to gift bloggers for your RAK than I’m aware of, and that alone has put the word out about my book to countless others. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

Brenna @Esther Ever After – You’ve been recommending my books since you read Exiled. On Twitter and your blog, you are walking promotion for me. I don’t know how many readers I’ve reached because of you, but to have you be a part of this tour was a huge honor for me.

Jessica @Taking It One Book At A Time – You’re a trooper. Even after your computer got destroyed in that crazy fight with the Fae (that’s the story were going with right?) you were relentless. You made it all happen from your phone and whatever computer you could get to. Everything you’ve done since you first accepted Exiled onto your pile has been amazing. I’m blessed to have you as my friend.

Dayna &Lauren @ Secret Lives Of Fiction Lovers – You are my UK ladies: spreading the word, supporting my books, and always keeping me smiling.  I love having gotten to know you the past year and to know you stand behind me as a writer means so much.  You keep my dreams alive and you keep me inspired.

Kayleigh @K-Books – You put together awesome questions for your stop and you’re always talking up my book. You put my stories in other’s hands. You reach readers with your kind reviews, and you never stop supporting me. Thank you so much for being a part of this tour and for taking a chance on an unknown.

Amber @ Me,My Shelf, And I – You’ve had a hellish couple weeks. That’s an understatement, I know, but wow…Since you read Exiled you’ve been backing me up. You run a wicked blog and having your post for the tour had me smiling all day. I mean really, an elderly orangutan? I still laugh when I think of that. You’ve reached readers I never could’ve on my own, and your continued support is priceless.

Evie @Bookish – You rock my world. You’ve done an immeasurable amount for me. Besides the wicked love letter you got me to write for your stop, you invited me to be a part of one the best blog events ever. The Men In YA Event was incredible. You are my Canadian girl and your reviews floor me. You talk so highly about my stories I often wonder if you’re actually reading a book I wrote. Thank you so much for all your support. The West-side is missing you. Just in case you wanted to come back J

Ashley @The Bookish Brunette – WOW! 2 crowned reviews from THE #ZombieGoddess ß that’s right people, she’s ascended. Your stop on the tour was beyond epic. I wanted to close this tour out with something huge, and you delivered. We talked about these covers for so long, and you worked so hard with me on them. The fact that we’re both perfectionists *might* have made it take a little longer than it needed to, but I think we can both agree the end result was worth it. Look at those covers? They’re incredible. We are badass at its finest, and you push my book up the ranks. You get it in readers hands. You demand it. I owe so much to you; I can only one day hope to return all the kindness you’ve shown to me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It will not be forgotten. 

To all of you: You made this tour a success. You’re the reason my books are in as many hands as they are, and I hope this shows you –  if only a little – just how important you are to me. You’re unforgettable to me and at some point, I hope I can return all the love and kindness you’ve shown me. 
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