Unleash The ARCS!!!!

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The book has been written. 
It’s been through the hands of multiple beta readers. 
It’s been torn apart by two editors. 
It’s been reviewed again by two proof readers.
Formatting has been conquered.
The ARC’s have been sent. 
My heart is in my throat.

This, my friends, is a great day. Naturally, I’m terrified, but I’ve learned to push that aside and still revel in the moment. Not one, but two books in The Protector series have been written, revised, and completed, by yours truly. That is one hell of a satisfying experience.

I owe a ton of thanks, to so many people. In fact, it’s too many to list. I couldn’t list them all in the acknowledgments of the book either. I liked to think that I when I say “thank you,” you know who you are. But in case you don’t, let me spell it out a little clearer.

If you’ve ever supported me in anyway, I’m saying thank you to you.

If you gave me a retweet on Twitter, a share on Facebook, a simple comment in passing that told me how much you enjoyed Exiled, or didn’t enjoy it, but you left great feedback to help me improve as a writer, this means you.

If you’ve ever read my blog post. If you’ve ever made me smile. If you’ve told someone else about my book (or my good looks), if you’ve ever hosted me on your blog, done a review of my book, entered a contest to win my book, this means you.

If you’ve ever helped me with a project, or asked me to help with yours (what an honor!), given me an idea, even if you’ve unknowingly been inspiration for me in some way. This means you.

I’m not trying to be lazy, by not naming names, it’s just that in the past year, I’ve met some great people. No, not great, incredible. Incredible people. There’s so many of you that have supported me on this journey. Some with a simple congrats, others with in depth reviews of my book, and some just by making me smile when the writing wasn’t flowing. SHIFT is what is today because of you. Every positive and negative review has helped. The positive raised the bar for what I need to achieve. Setting even my own expectations higher. The negative have pushed me to be better. Where did I lose you? It won’t happen again!

The only way I know how to say thank you…other than saying “thank you,” is to keep writing. Write better, more unique stories. Keep pushing to keep you on the edge of your seat, turning the pages in the wee hours of the morning. To beg for more Chase, more Rayna, more Willy, more monsters, stranger demons, crazier powers. You are what keep me going. You are what reignites the passion when I’m not so sure. You are what makes all this possible. You are what keeps my dream alive.

For that, and for everything, let me say one more time, “thank you.” This journey is a roller coaster, but an incredible one, and there is nobody else I’d want to share it with more, than all of you.

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