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So, I’m doing a little experimenting and in the next few weeks with both Exiled and Shift; I’m going to go publish with Amazon exclusively. Now, this is only going to be a temporary trial run, but one that I feel is necessary.

For those of you that are not writers, or are not aware, Amazon came out in December with a new Amazon Select feature, that allows prime users to download your book for free and  offers the chance to drop their books down to FREE for all customers for short periods of time every month as a promotion! There is essentially a pot of money that is allotted for the Amazon Prime members, and you get paid a percentage based on the amount of total downloads versus total amount of times your book was downloaded.

So why do this? I’m not going to go into a big drawn out explanation because really, if you want to know more about it, you can go to Amazon and read about it. Amazon makes up for over 97% of my sales, so for me, cutting out everyone else isn’t a big deal. I’m not missing much in that 3%. And although the majority of authors I know don’t love the Amazon Select option, to me, it’s worth a shot. I’ve got nothing to lose, except 3%. To put that into prospective for you, I’ve made more in some weeks with Amazon, than I have with all other formats combined since July of 2011, when Exiled was published. It that doesn’t spell it out for you, I’m probably not capable of doing so.

This isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly, I have put a lot of thought and research into it, and it’s a great chance to reach a broader audience, which is ultimately, my goal! So there’s a big update for you!

Now, if you haven’t checked out the reviews SHIFT has been receiving, you definitely need to. They’ve been INCREDIBLE!

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