We’re Nearly There!

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011 in Uncategorized | 3 comments

That’s right, SHIFT is done. At least on my end. I’ll be putting a few finishing touches on it and at the end of the week, it’s being shipped off to the editor!

Then what will I do with myself?
Well, I have to outline the third book, and do major catch up on reading and video games.

Books on the list:
Pyxis by KC Neal
Guardians Of The Grimoire by Natasha Slight

Those are the first two. There are about 100 after that to pick from. Apparently I don’t have enough reading time scheduled in my life.

Games on the list:
Drake’s Fortune 3
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim
Killzone 3

Obviously I can’t finish all those games, but I do tend on getting into all of them…unless I start with Skyrim, then I might not try anything else. For 8 months.

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