The Wrath Of Karma

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Humans are strange creatures. Wow…that was insightful, wasn’t it?

We are all so different. Put 100 of us in the same situation, and I don’t think you’ll ever get the exact same result twice. Sure you’ll have dozens of variations of the same  thing, but each will be different in it’s unique way.  Just like people – we’re each different in a unique way.
The way we respond to situations. The way we react and treat others. The way some people wear their emotions on their sleeves, while others show hardly any emotion at all. 
What baffles me about the human race, is its ability to tear people down. Sometimes for no other reason than to make themselves feel better. We bully others. We start wars. We kill each other. We kill ourselves. 
There are different reasons and motivations behind everyone actions. Sometimes it’s hate for others, sometimes it’s hate for ourselves, but most of the time, I think it’s fear. Fear of what we don’t know. Fear of what we do know and won’t admit to ourselves. 
This is not a post about books, writing, authors, or anything publishing related. Just a life observation. 
You see this kind of behaviour everywhere. The news is the first place that comes to mind, but most of the time we see it everyday. The scary thing is, we’re so accustom to having it be a part of our life, that it moves right past us, or we take part in it, without ever considering what we’re doing. 
To be cliche; standing around the water cooler at work, and tearing apart our co-workers behind their back. It seems harmless. You get a laugh, and nobody seems the wiser. Except that the person your tearing down is standing around the corner listening. It doesn’t matter if you see them or not. You’re harmless words and quick laugh just ruined someones day. Week. Maybe month?
Making fun of the grandfather who’s dressed awkwardly and walking down the street. His pants are too short, his shirt is only half tucked in, and he looks lost and confused. Maybe he just lost his wife of 40 years. You’re damn right he’s lost and confused. He’s spent everyday for 40 years with one person, and now they’re gone. He’s alone. And just because you’re across the street, doesn’t mean he can’t hear you. I’m sure that’s exactly what he was hoping for when he ventured out into the world that day. Alone.
Maybe it’s in the playground. Kids are more honest than anyone in the world. They can also be the cruelest. No designer clothes? Make fun of them. Funny hair? Make fun of them. Poor? Make fun of them. And don’t you dare blame the parents for their children’s behaviour. Blame the music. The video games. The movies. Hell, let’s just blame the teachers.
The point is; you don’t have to fire a gun at a person to hurt them. Words are enough. In fact, if you watch the news, words are enough to make someone point a gun at themselves for you. 
I usually don’t write about things like this, but it’s really starting to get on my nerves. Then I wonder, where the hell is karma? Why isn’t she here, laying a beating to the assholes of the world? Well, I recently discovered the answer to that question. 
Karma is you. That’s right. It’s not an unseen force wandering the earth, looking to strike down those who deserve it. It’s inside you, right now. When you watch something like this happen, and all you do is watch, you’re just as guilty. You probably go home and don’t think twice about it. Maybe you tell someone about the jerks you saw downtown, or at school. It doesn’t matter, if you didn’t do anything to help, you might as well have been taking part in it. 
You have the ability to stand up to someone and tell them to back off. I’m not unaware that, that sounds lame, but if you don’t do it, who will? More often than not, people lack the ability to stand up for themselves. Especially when it’s against a group. So if you don’t do it, who will? Probably nobody. We don’t want that negativity turned on us, so best just to turned a blind eye.
At some point, we’ve all been guilty of it. You, me, everybody. And I think most of us have been on the receiving end before too. You know what it’s like to hear those things about you. You know how much it hurts. True, it affects some more than others, but we’re all unique. We all have different amounts of tolerance and we each have different breaking points. So sluffing it off as “It happened to me and I survived. They can handle it.” doesn’t work here. What if they can’t handle it?
I just wanted you to know, you turning a blind eye is making everything worse. No excuses. You cannot rationalise it to me. It’s getting worse, and each of us is a part of the solution.
I’ve spent enough time talking about this. You get the point. To end this post on a positive note, I want to commend those that don’t turn away. The rare few that don’t stand by and watch. They’re out there, I know they are. I’ve witnessed them before. I’ve seen the power of their actions, however small. 
They are karma. And in that moment, they made somebody’s world a little bit better. If only for a moment. And in that moment, somebody got what they deserved. It wasn’t the bully that got what they deserved. Telling them to back off isn’t it. Finally, karma reached out and helped the victim, and the victim got what they deserved: help. 


  1. Wow! This is a VERY powerful post, Matt! Thank you for sharing this!

  2. “The point is; you don't have to fire a gun at a person to hurt them. Words are enough.” So true, simply put but insightful. Words hurt and there are many bullies in this world and not enough of us stand up to them.

    I have met quite a few bullies in my life and had to take one of them to the Tribunal, because everyone knew he was a nasty piece of work yet nobody did anything about it!

    Great post. “Karma is you”, yes. I truly admire people who go out of their way to defend the underdogs, and we need more of them, definitely!

  3. Thanks Ang. 🙂

    Hey Junying! I've met my share of bullies too, so I know what you're saying. But you were strong enough to stand up for yourself, so that is impressive. I hope more people find the courage to do that. To realize their worth isn't measured by the people that tear them down, and they most definitely, are not alone!

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. Cool post tho karma sometimes backfires …those not turning a blind eye can end up a victim not nice but it has happened.yet I still agree with all you have written though the next time I sit in A and E with my son who was standing up for someone and he ends up hurt I will still wonder where Karma is !

  5. Kez, You're not wrong, that's for sure. That's why I say it takes a special type of courage to do it. You expose yourself, and make yourself vulnerable, just for trying to do a good thing. If there is enough people who take the step forward though, I truly believe that eventually, positive will overcome the negative.

  6. Fabulous post Matt! So powerful and insightful – and so darn true! I hate bullies, they're the worst kind, the scum of the Earth – and yet they think they're something better. That infuriates me real bad. When I was a teenage gal I beat up two other girls when they were continuously making fun of my friend (when he was 5yo his drunk dad threw him out the window from the second floor apartment, he landed on his head and got a brain damage). The stuff they were saying… it was cruel and stung worse than stones. So yeah. I'm not proud of it, but I beat the s*** out of them. Does that count as a step forward or am I a bully, too?

  7. Thanks Evie!

    What happened to your friend is awful. Bullies see things like that, and they come in swarms. They don't stop to consider what their words and actions are doing. I don't know why people thrive on things like that. I really don't.

    Well you stepped forward, that's all that matters. I don't think your reaction makes you a bully. I don't lie. I pride myself on being an honest person, and I'm not advocating violence here in any way…but I don't feel sorry for those other girls either.

  8. 1. I'm getting teary about the old man who might have lost his wife
    2. Seriously people these days make me fear for who's going to be growing up with my kids & who will be their peers.

    I love that you did this post, it's moving, truthful and everyone is guilty of this in one way or another, even me.

  9. i agree with Angeline…this is really powerful. i'm glad you had a gut feeling and decided to write it down. i've been bullied and i've been a bully at times with my mean words. and it all stinks and sucks.

    and now with a kid being bullied, it is one of the worst things in the world.

    i love these thoughts. thank you for sharing them.

  10. Thank you for all the comments and the blog love everyone. It's a sad state of affair that things like this happen. Reality is harsh.

    I think there are enough of us out there to drive change though. Even if we each only change a single event, in a single day, in one person's life, that's something.

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