SHIFT Has Been Sent…

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To the editor!

If you missed my nervous/anxious tweets about it yesterday, there you go. I put a few finishing touches on SHIFT yesterday, and as the afternoon rolled into the evening, I nervously hit the send button. I’m not sure why, but this time around, sending my MS to the editor has my stomach in knots. Is it ready? Is it good enough? What if nobody likes it? Such are my thoughts at this time.

This isn’t completely out of the ordinary for me, I’m usually terrified when I find out someone is reading my book, but it’s a little more extreme now. I think the majority of it comes from the fact that EXILED is out there and selling. There are a pile of fantastic reviews, and whether I sell 5, or 5 million copies, there is someone out there waiting for the next installment in the Protector series, and I really hope I don’t disappoint them.

As it stands now, I’m on target with my release timeline. I’m hoping to have SHIFT ready for purchase on February 1st, and all ARC copies available mid-January. To hold you over until then, you should know my cover artist started the cover last week, and I hope to have it ready to reveal by Christmas!

Well, that’s all the blabber I have for you today.

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