Wildflowers Come Back by Sarah Spann

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So a good friend of mine, Sarah Spann, tried to release her debut novel  Wildflowers Come Back, in a stealth-like manner last week. However, if you’ve seen my Twitter profile pic, you know I am not so easily fooled. I don’t just look like a secret agent, I happen to be in possession of all the secret agent talents. One being, discovering things I’m not supposed to know.

That being said, I won’t let her throw her precious into the world while she lurks in the shadows and hides. Sarah was unavailable for comment, mostly because I never asked for a comment, but I demand everyone read this book!

I have my copy loaded on my iPad and ready for consumption as soon as I start holidays next week, and you should get yours now while it’s only $2.99! If you’ve ever read her blog (especially Tequila Tuesdays – they’re my favorite) you know she has an amazing talent with words. I’m so excited for this book, I can’t even tell you.

Go get it, before I *cyber glare* you all to little pieces!

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