Back To The Grind

Back To The Grind

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Holidays are over and I’m back to work, *sad face* but that’s just the beginning. Shift has been sent to a few trusted critique partners, so while I wait for them to get back to me, I need to keep myself busy. If I don’t, my nerves will get the best of me and I’ll end up bald. Nobody wants that to happen.

On my to do list over the next week:

1) Read a book
2) Beta/Critique for the sequel of the above book
3) Write a character guest post (I’m currently struggling with how to approach this)
4) Finish a character interview (I’ve written a couple, not sure which one I’ll send out though)
5) Start outlining Book 3 in The Protector Series (I have lots of ideas and a general direction, but I need to organize all these thoughts on paper. This could take some time. I need to carefully plot this, because this will determine whether the series is a trilogy, or longer)
6) Come up with a design for the cover of SHIFT that I can give to my cover artist (Again, I have a few different idea’s, I’m just not sure what direction I want to take things)
7) Read some more books off my TBR pile (it’s unbelievably long)

That’s my list for the next week. I probably won’t get this all done in a week, but as you can see, even when I’m not writing, I’m crazy busy. I have a small surgery tomorrow, and I’ll be bed ridden for four days. I’m hoping to use that time to catch up on some sleep, and take a huge chunk out of this list.

As for my holidays, they were busy! Until the last two days, I didn’t have a moment to just relax. I finished SHIFT (obviously since the beta readers have it). I finally got to get some reading done, check out of my review of Wildflowers Combe Back, from author Sarah Spann. My oldest daughter turned 5 and I still can’t believe it. Much of my holidays were taken up with getting things ready for her party. Like a giant spider cake my wife baked, and I worked on decorating. Check this out:

Gross and awesome, all at the same time! I know.

Well that’s been my life for the last 10 days, and now you know what my plans are for the week. What are you working on over the next while?

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