The SHIFT is coming

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Last night I put in a good night of reading and finished off what I had left of SHIFT. All I can say is WOW.

As I’ve said in previous posts, I have a lot of trouble reading my own work without making changes. So much so, (Warning, major confession coming) I never actually read EXILED cover to cover without editing. Not once did I sit down and just read it. Yes, I read it a million and a half times, but never did I read it without making changes. I know, that probably sounds really strange, I don’t care.

Because I have such trouble reading my own work, it took me exceptionally long to read SHIFT. I’d read a chapter here, another couple pages there, I think doing it that way really took away from the point of reading it.

That being said, last night I sat down and read the last 30% of the book in one sitting. Go me! And it was great. Not only do I have a mountain of notes to make this story better, the creative cogs started turning and I’ve got some incredible additions I’ll be putting into the story for the 2nd round edits. Things I’m very excited for.

I’m going to let these idea’s soak in my head for a few days, and starting either Monday of next week, or this weekend, I’ll be diving head first into major editing mode. I don’t have much in the way of revisions, more or less just additions, fine tuning, and polishing.

Hopefully, by the end of September, I’ll be ready for my first round of Beta Readers and you, will be one step closer to getting a sneak peek at The Protector – Book 2: SHIFT.

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