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I plan on spending the weekend reading SHIFT. I formatted it a bit last night, and converted it to my Kindle App on my iPad and iPhone. I skimmed over the first page last night and was very excited for how it looked.

Once I finish the read through, I’ll go back and do more additions/deletions/cleanup, and do a line by line edit. Then it’ll be time for the beta’s. It’s still early in the process, but I think having some solid beta readers this time will be a great help to make things happen faster.

Now keep in mind this is very unofficial, but that being said, here is a very short teaser from the first page of SHIFT:


My eyes tore open to the sound of screaming. The drywall rattled and Rayna’s voice came raging through from the other side. My pulse jumped as panic set in. I leapt from my bed and moved for the door.

Marcus and Tiki were halfway down the hallway while I got tripped on the pants I tried to pull on.

Marcus turned the silver handle on Rayna’s door and pushed through.

Rayna was on her hands and knees and sweat ran in streams down her face. Her eyes moved to us and…

This concludes your teaser.

Hope you enjoyed:)

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