Exiled – The Paperback

Exiled – The Paperback

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YAY! I got it. The paperback has arrived, and for those interested, it was exactly on time :).

The bad news? It’ll still be a month or so before it’s available. Why? Let me tell you:

First, as you can see, the cover is off center. This was an error on my end, the spine just wasn’t quite wide enough, and as such, the front cover wraps ever so slightly around the spine. We’re really only talking millimeters here, and everyone I’ve shown hasn’t noticed until I pointed it out, but I’m a perfectionist. It shall be remedied.

There are a few font issues I have to correct, again, errors on my part. Those will be easy to fix.

The author photo at the back needs to be changed. I didn’t use a high enough quality picture. It looks okay but not great. After all, I don’t want to injustice to this handsome mug now do I? 🙂

Lastly, I have to do a read through. I read a few pages randomly last night, and WOW. So cool to read an actual physical copy of my book. Unreal actually. Once I do the read through, I’ll check for any other formatting errors, typos, and any other spacing that might need corrections.

I’m hoping to have that done by mid next week. I’ll send in the corrections, they’ll approve it, I’ll order a second proof, double check it all, and then I’ll approve it for distribution!

So here it is. The first proof copy of Exiled’s paperback edition. I’m not doing the Matty Dance yet, but I’m swaying from side to side a little. When the next proof comes and it’s perfect. Then the Matty Dance will commence.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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